Exodus Album Update: 'Very Fast, More of a Punk Rock Feel'

artist: Exodus date: 04/28/2014 category: new releases
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Exodus Album Update: 'Very Fast, More of a Punk Rock Feel'
Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes has been talking with Nyack-Piermont Patch about the band's upcoming album.

As Dukes notes, the record is less of a metal epic than the band's previous albums, and has more of a punk feel:

"This album is very fast and has more of a punk rock feel to it, whereas I think the last few Exodus albums were metal epics, with longer songs. These songs are shorter and a little faster. It has a really different feel to it. It sounds great."

Dukes, who joined the band in 2005, also talked about growing up as an Exodus fan, and trying to live up to the legend of original frontman Paul Baloff:

"I liked Exodus, I liked Paul Baloff [the band's first singer] a lot. Their fist album was a very dark, dangerous album. I was a metalhead growing up but I also loved punk rock and Pink Floyd and Rush. I've been influenced by so many different kinds of music. I could listen to Rush in the morning and [metal band] Venom at night. I love everything. I try to measure up to Paul, though I don't do drugs and I don't drink. That whole craziness and insanity [which Baloff was known for] is not part of my life."
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