Exodus Announce Gorillaz Collaboration for New Album

artist: Exodus date: 09/04/2014 category: new releases
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Exodus Announce Gorillaz Collaboration for New Album
Thrash masters Exodus have announced a seemingly odd collaboration on their upcoming album "Blood In, Blood Out."

As the official release reads, the band has teamed up with electronica producer Dan the Automator, known for his work with Gorillaz, Mike Patton and Deltron 3030.

Specifically, Dan was in charge for "crafting an industrial sound bed on the intro to the album opener 'Black 13.'"

Furthermore, Testament vocalist Chuck Billy is also making a guest appearance, lending his "signature roar" for the "BTK" track. As reported, Metallica guitarist and Exodus co-founder Kirk Hammett rounds up the guest list by tracking a solo for "Salt the Wound."

"This was actually the first time Kirk got to play on an official Exodus release," guitar mastermind Gary Holt noted. "He did the early demo, and then joined Metallica and didn't do anything with us after that. So he was totally gung-ho about it. He came down and ripped out a bunch of takes and we picked the best one and then had a barbecue and drank beer."

So that's pretty much it when it comes to album details. Front cover, track listing, and October 14 release date were already confirmed, so now it's just a matter of patiently waiting. There might be a lead single announcement along the way, though.

More old info - "Blood In, Blood Out" marks the return of Steve Souza on vocals and his first studio record with the band since 2004's "Tempo of the Damned."

And speaking of Steve, here's how he described the fresh material: "I'm gonna tell you right now, 'Blood In, Blood Out' is the best Exodus record by far. And I'm not saying that 'cause I just rejoined. Honestly, the musicianship of everyone in it, the writing, the lyrics, the lyrical content... everything all the way through. 11 killers, no fillers. I swear to God, and I mean it."

So cover here, track listing below. Excited?

"Blood In, Blood Out" Track Listing

1. Black 13
2. Blood In, Blood Out
3. Collateral Damage
4. Salt the Wound
5. Body Harvest
6. BTK
7. Wrapped in the Arms of Rage
8. My Last Nerve
9. Numb
10. Honor Killings
11. Food for the Worms
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