Exodus Announce New Album 'Blood in, Blood Out,' Confirm October Release

Steve Souza's first effort with the band since "Tempo of the Damned" set to drop this fall.

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Thrash icons Exodus have announced "Blood in, Blood Out" as the title of their new album, the first one featuring vocalist Steve Souza since 2004's "Tempo of the Damned."

The record is tentatively due in late October via Nuclear Blast Records and will be followed by a major tour with Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies during November and December.

Telling Radio Futuro how excited he is about the return, Souza added, "I think everybody's matured quite some bit, and I think, as we all get older, we all realize things that we do wrong, especially myself, we realize our faults and our mistakes. And it's great that everybody can come to a meeting of the minds and be able to work forward and be mature enough to work forward."

As far as the band's former vocalist Rob Dukes is considered, the singer was very thankful for spending nine years in the Exodus fold, but also stressed that he was fired during a 20-second phone call.

"I haven't spoken with anyone but [drummer] Tom [Hunting]," Dukes said. "Tom called me ... He called me and said, 'We're gonna go on with a different singer. We're gonna be going with Zet.' And that was it. It was about a 20-second phone call. And that was really all I got. That's it."

Gary Holt has since denied Rob's claims, saying that "20 seconds was not all this involved" and describing the situation as "the most difficult decision of our lives, one the entire band made." When asked to comment on the matter, Souza refrained from giving any comments.

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    Can't ****ing wait for this, about time we had some new classic thrash again!
    Pleasures, Fabulous, Impact, and Force were my favorite records, bring that riffage back with the great production of the last couple records would be awesome!
    Not gonna lie, i liked Rob Dukes style, but Souza is a legend. Got a lot of expectations on this record ...Aaand Gary Holt looks like Hagrid in that pic
    Agree. Dukes's vocals fit the contemporary Exodus music perfectly well, in my opinion
    God what a horrible album title. Yes, Souza's bleating will be better than Dukes' shrieking, but I'm hoping for a little more diversity in the riffs from Holt this time around...the last 2 discs the riffing was awfully repetitive & meh.
    I was very happy with Rob Dukes on let there be blood he did a great job on that but i really do not like his scream-o style on the others it does not fit with Exodus to me..But i agree the album title is very cheesy .October is not that far away...Now we just need to know when for the new Slayer date
    What, so Gary will have to play two shows each night of the tour, Exodus THEN Slayer? His arms will melt.
    Agent 00Awesome
    I'd like to think he's doing this to build up strength to take over the word with his thrash powers and beasty riffage.
    I cant believe this is the first im hearing of this, Dukes was awesome and a killer front man live, but Souza's got the voice.
    Why didn't I know that Souza is singing with Exodus again?! I'm ashamed... and excited for the new album!
    Fired up. Been a fan of Souza since "Pleasures". "I like salad" hehe
    When Tempo of the Damned came out, my friends and I would laugh our asses off at Souza's vocals...we were very new to thrash metal back then. Now that the new record is one the way I'm gonna gather my old pals and have another good time.