Exodus Singer on New Album: 'We'll Find a Way to Make it Happen in 2014'

Rob Dukes adds he's "not going to begrudge" Gary Holt for being in Slayer.

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With a lot going on among Slayer ranks these days, it's no secret that guitarist Gary Holt ended up with far less time to dedicate to Exodus. Singer Rob Dukes focused on such state of affairs, sharing his thoughts on both Gary's double duty and the band's new album. "Well, we haven't toured as much," Rob told the Examiner. "That's apparent. We've got way more down time than we're used to and had in the last 10 years, so that's one aspect I'm not really a big fan of. But that's how we all make our living, so we had to go out without him. It was what it was." The vocalist continued, "Wish he was there, but listen, the guy's in Slayer. I'm not going to begrudge him for that. That's awesome for him, and I know he's having fun doing it. I think eventually, when we do this new album which we're doing in February, he'll find a way to do both. There's a lot of people who do multiple things in life. Financially, it'll be good for him to have two incomes." Rob concluded on an optimistic note, saying, "I think we're going to find a way in 2014 to make it all happen." Apart from giving a major "F--k you!" to band haters, Dukes discussed his side project Generation Kill, stressing that he wouldn't mind opening for Exodus and therefore pulling a double duty of his own. "I don't think it'd be a problem. Generation Kill is actually a little harder to sing than Exodus because I actually sing. It would be like this - 30-minute set for the opener, for Generation Kill, then there would have to be another band so I could kind of relax, then go out and do Exodus. I could do that for a whole tour, it wouldn't even be a problem."

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    Exodus, Testament, and Overkill are some of the only big classic thrash bands that still play thrash and are still pumping out new material
    Didn't that tour (that already ended quite a while ago already) called "Metal Alliance" or something, that was leaded by anthrax, had Exodus, Testament, Overkill and Annihilator aswell?
    How about Anthrax with Worship Music and Megadeth's Endgame?
    There's very little to no thrash in Worship Music, that's pretty apparent. Megadeth's Endgame was killer, but they're kinda doing their own thing gig-wise. They did play with Overkill on those Iron Maiden gigs, though.
    I saw Gary pull double duty at a Exodus/Rob Zombie/Slayer show a while back. Gary killed with both bands! As much as I want Slayer to call it quits, I must admit that I am curious to see what he can bring to Slayer. No disrespect to Hanneman but, it would be interesting to hear how well they can pull it off. Just hope it doesn't turn into a Hellyeah/Mudvayne situation where he completely holds Exodus on the back burner til he gets over his kicks with Slayer.
    Wait. If holt is only doing a couple of leads parts then why is all his time in slayer?
    I know Kerry even said he doesn't want Gary to contribute yet so Kerry might as well record both guitar tracks in the studio.
    Difference between a guy like Rob and Kerry King - Rob looks like a jerk, but Kerry IS a jerk. Rob is one of the coolest dudes out there, if you watch him in interviews you really gain a lot of respect for the guy even if you happen to dislike Exodus... and if you happen to dislike Exodus you have at least 1 problem to fix.