Face To Face Hinting At New Album

artist: Face to Face date: 05/15/2008 category: new releases

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KROQ has posted the video of a recent interview with with Face To Face frontman Trever Keith. He was interviewed last month by Bamboozle, where his band shared the stage for the first time since their original break up in 2003. In that interview, Keith talks about his decision to reunite with his primary band, post-Face to Face projects, their farwell shows from 2004, his new solo album and whether Face to Face will reunite fulltime. He also hinted the possibility of writing and recording new material for what would be their first album since 2002's "How To Ruin Everything". KROQ is one of the few sites left that stills streams in Windows Media (instead of Flash) so you'll need that plugin to view the interview. You can check it out here. Thanks for the info to Punknews.org.
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