Fall Out Boy Premiere New Song 'Young Volcanoes'

artist: Fall Out Boy date: 04/09/2013 category: upcoming releases

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Fall Out Boy Premiere New Song 'Young Volcanoes'
US emo rockers Fall Out Boy have officially unveiled the third new track off their forthcoming comeback album "Save Rock and Roll." Titled "Young Volcanoes," the song sees the band heading in a more pop direction once again, with catchy vocal lines in the chorus and a specific upbeat, laid-back groove. Featuring a slightly wtf line about "making boys next door out of a--holes," you can check out the full track below. The previous two singles, "My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark (Light 'Em Up)" and "The Phoenix" were mostly met with praises from the fans, so it would seem that the band is heading towards another hit album so far. "Save Rock and Roll" is set for an April 15 release via Island Records, featuring various guest appearances, including the likes of Courtney Love, Elton John and rapper 2Chainz. As a follow-up to 2008's "Folie a Deux," the new album will mark the fifth release in the band's catalogue. Judging by the recent statements from the bassist Pete Wentz, reunion is going much better than expected at the moment, exceeding all possible expectations. "When we got on stage in Chicago, it was crazy. It was a rush, because we honestly didn't think people would care, and that's the truth. But it felt like we didn't miss a beat. We're having the reunion sex, so like it's so awesome that we don't have to bring in the whips yet," the bassist told MTV News.
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