Fall Out Boy Premiere New Video Single 'The Phoenix'

Rockers get abducted by beautiful women in the latest video single from "Save Rock and Roll."

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After the recent premiere of the first single off their comeback record "Save Rock And Roll," Fall Out Boy have decided to present us with yet another video. This time around, the band pays a tribute to Quentin Tarantino's classic movie "Pulp Fiction," gathering around a mysterious metal briefcase and getting kidnapped by beautiful women.

According to the band, new video is a prequel to the previous single "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up)." If you ever listened to the song, it should be easy to notice that "The Phoenix" actually begins with somewhat of a snippet from the first single. With a catchy hook in the chorus and a more upbeat tempo throughout the whole track, the song has already crossed the 1 million views mark and might be well on its way to become the group's latest hit single.

Set for an April 15 release via Island Records, the new album will also feature Elton John and Courtney Love as special guests. As the band's fifth studio effort, it's the first one the band will release since 2008's "Folie A Deux." Despite being very excited about the band reunion, bassist Pete Wentz honestly admitted that he didn't expect such a positive reaction, going far enough to say that he didn't think the public would even care.

"When we got on stage in Chicago, it was crazy. It was a rush, because we honestly didn't think people would care, and that's the truth. But it felt like we didn't miss a beat. We're having the reunion sex, so like it's so awesome that we don't have to bring in the whips yet."

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    Okay, this has nothing to do with rock.. BUT, it's good pop. I mean, compared to what modern pop is, that's pretty good, good vocals, and a cool orchestral intro. No comparison to their early stuff of course but still, much better than their first single.
    I really agree with this comment. Thank you for not just being a UG Metalhead and appreciating this for what it is.
    Please take in account that the album is called save rock and roll, or some shit like that... so then, being a good pop song, why is it on an album with a title likt that.
    I think the Album title is meant to be a jab at people who dislike them. They don't actually think they are saving Rock and roll.
    Apparently it was Elton John's idea to name the album that because he loved that song title so much. Thats what Patrick Stump was saying in an interview I saw anyways. If Elton John says to name your album Save Rock & Roll, you name your album Save Rock & Roll.
    Well, judging from their hipster-friendly looks lately, I'd say it's probably irony. Not defending it, just what I thought of it.
    i instantly wonder if you're giving them too much credit
    I get it if you don't like a band, but suggesting that they're not capable of understanding irony is a bit of a leap.
    Your not supposed to take the title that seriously, I've said that like every article since its been posted on this site...
    Another side note, some time away sure helped the singer and the drummer haha. Drummer lost his geekyness it looks like and the singer lost some weight hah
    I think the intro is a sample of Peter Fox's Alles Neu. At least it sounds very similar. The rapper/singer/thing Plan B also sampled it in one of his songs.
    I've got to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I guess it's still lacking a bit in the guitar department, but god, those vocals!!
    YES! I just ejaculated to this song!! WHO WANTS TO SEE MY BABIES!!?
    Gerard Way Jr
    An article about pop/punk without UG metalheads down voting every comment with the least bit of thought put into it? Wtf, UG.
    Is that actually Pat Stump in the video? I know he lost a lot of weight but he looks completely different there if it is him.
    Anyone else get like a 80's power pop or power rock vibe from this song? Replace some of the synth sounds with a guitar and it sounds like a song from Journey lol. I don't mind the difference in comparison to their old sound. I'm not the same person I was those 10+ years ago when I started listening to them so why would I expect them to be?
    I was honestly thinking the same thing, this one and some parts from the 1st one both reminded me of 80's music. Mayb they arent trying to save like 60's and 70's rock but 80's. lol. Which would make sense i guess cause that would be the era they grew up in.
    And still people don't get the irony of the album title... Personally I think this is a good song on face value of just being a good pop song, which makes a curious turn for the album.
    Pretty cool song, much better than the first single, not exactly heavy or whatever bu who cares about that anyway
    I know no one will agree with me, and that's perfectly fine by me, but these new Fall Out Boy songs are seriously giving me goosebumps. I'm loving this album so far.
    This is actually a REALLY good tune. Hard hitting beat with intense agressive wide range vocals. Get over expecting the guitar driven sound and turn this up loud.
    It's more radio friendly than their old stuff, for sure, but that's good, I wouldn't mind hearing Patrick's voice on the radio. Especially compared to the shit that's currently on it.
    The guy can sing, I'll admit. And indeed, for pop music this is actually a good song. When it comes to the title of their album, I think this song is addressed to rock and roll and they think that rock and roll has a different meaning nowadays. The word is the same, but the meaning is different.
    I think its cool they got back together but Courtney love..... CMON GUYS!
    I don't mind the tune but "I'm gonna change you like a remix then erase you like a phoenix" is a terrible lyric IMO.
    I think it is either 'raze' as in burn, destroy or 'raise' you like a phoenix. Not erase.
    Dickhardwoord is definitely right about the pop part, it's good for what it is but seems like a drastic step down from something say Foli a Deux
    I would say on par with Foli a Deux. You can't really come back from having Lil' Wayne on your album
    Folie a Deux actually had a lot of bloody good songs, but maybe I think that cos I like pop music and straight pop punk tends to bore me.
    I'm so excited about this album. I've been a huge fan of these guys for a long long time and Folie A Deux was my favorite album by them, glad to see they're taking it even further in that direction. I loved the pop punk days but they are over and I think the band is better now.
    This song sounded awfully familiar... Check out the song Alles Neu (2008) by Peter Fox, and judge for yourself
    I'm sorry but I just can't get into this. And this is coming from a pretty big Fall Out Boy fan. It's just not them. Even their more poppy songs off Folie A Deux had a nice sorta guitar driven chorus or sort of a fun, funky verse to it. This is just an electronic driven stadium escque song that has no remblence of the sound that made them unique (save the vocals). Plus I feel like they're trying to bring on the whole boy band vibe...
    Totally "saving" rock n roll.
    as people have stated here, and in the other articles, they don't literally mean their saving rock and roll, it kind of went over your head...
    No, it didnt really go over our heads. We just don't find it particularly witty or funny.
    N4 I RockDude
    the last time i heard these guys was when they did a cover of beat it....They're still around? what the hell?
    does anyone else think that the intro sounds a bit too much like ill manors by plan b ?