Fall Out Boy Switch Styles On New CD

artist: Fall Out Boy date: 12/11/2006 category: new releases
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Fall Out Boy Switch Styles On New CD
Fall Out Boy says its third album, "Infinity On High," will surprise its fans. Guitarist Patrick Stump tells Billboard.com that the Chicago band's second major label album, the follow-up to 2005's double-platinum "From Under the Cork Tree," cuts a broader swath of styles and flavor than its predecessors. "From song to song there's a completely different feel, but they all make sense in context," Stump explains. "They've got a few common points, but overall there's a lot of different voices and perspectives and styles. It would be dishonest for us to hold back any of these elements." Stump says he was particularly surprised by some "borderline classic rock" sounds the quartet came up with for the album, which is due Feb. 6 via Island. There's also greater use of piano, he says, as well as strings and horns, though he claims that "we were really restrained about it. At the end of the day the core of the songs is just four guys -- drums, bass and two guitars -- playing. They're just rock songs." "Infinity On High," which takes its title from a letter Vincent Van Gogh wrote to his brother, also features guest appearances by Jay-Z, who introduces one track, and guitar solos on another by Panic! At the Disco's Ryan Ross and New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert. Read more at Billboard.
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