First Song From New Hendrix Album Released

artist: Jimi Hendrix date: 01/10/2013 category: upcoming releases

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First Song From New Hendrix Album Released
"Somewhere", the first track from the upcoming posthumous Jimi Hendrix album "People, Hell And Angels", has been made available for streaming. The song features Hendrix performing alongside longtime collaborator Mitch Mitchell with bass from Stephen Stills. It had been recorded for the planned follow-up to "Electric Ladyland", Hendrix's final studio album, which was released in 1968. The track itself instantly invites comparisons to classic Hendrix material, with the guitarist's iconic wah drenched Strat sound kicking it at the 20 second mark. The song juxtaposes the rhythmic stops of a "Crosstown Traffic" with the more melodic, chilled vibes of "Little Wing", and at times, Hendrix's vocal delivery recalls moments from "The Wind Cries Mary". The track listing for "People, Hell And Angels", which will be released in March of this year, is as follows: 01. Earth Blues 02. Somewhere 03. Hear My Train A Comin' 04. Bleeding Heart 05. Let Me Love You 06. Izabella 07. Easy Blues 08. Crash Landing 09. Inside Out 10. Hey Gypsy Boy 11. Mojo Man 12. Villanova Junction Blues The record is the fourth album of posthumous Hendrix material to be released under Experience Hendrix's deal with Legacy Recordings. "Somewhere" had previously been released on the posthumous Hendrix compilation "Crash Landing" in 1975. However, that version, produced by Alan Douglas, had featured overdubbed guitar, bass, drums and percussion from several session musicians, none of whom had ever met Hendrix. The track was also incorrectly titled as "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" on that release.
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