Five Finger Death Punch: 'The Song Has to be a Song Before You Add the Guitar Solo'

artist: Five Finger Death Punch date: 07/08/2013 category: new releases
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Five Finger Death Punch: 'The Song Has to be a Song Before You Add the Guitar Solo'
According to Five Finger Death Punch axeman Zoltan Bathory, songwriting and the genuine emotion each song carries is what comes first as far as the work of LA metal five-piece is considered. During a recent chat with Loudwire, Bathory discussed the progress of the group's upcoming double album "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell," emphasizing that in its core, "a song has to be a song." "The way we write, we are songwriters first and foremost," the guitarist said. "Every one of us can play. We are technical players. When it comes to songs, there's a difference between just shredding and showing of or writing songs. That's a different talent. First and foremost, the song has to be a song then you start to think about yeah, let's add a guitar solo. But a song, the core of it has to be the song." Bathory explained further, saying, "It has to be something that makes you feel some way. If a song is just blah then we don't care. You have a big pallet. A song can make you feel different ways. A song can make you aggravated. A song can make you feel powerful or a song can put you in a melancholy mood. A song has many ways to affect you emotionally or your mind state. When we write a record we try to dabble into old feelings." The guitarist also reached the subject of some of the guest vocalists featured on the new record, which include the likes of Rob Halford and Max Cavalera. As expected, the guitarist singled out the metal gods' frontman as the most prominent figure on the guest list, calling him a "legend and a founding father of the genre itself." "Every vocalist has a signature," Bathory said. "When you hear Rob Halford singing three words and you know who it is, right? Or Max Cavalera or any of these guys; they have their own signature. You can't really barter with that because that is their signature. So when you get to this point where we could actually do this, it was a very fun thing. That is pretty much how it came about." The release date of the double record's first volume steadily approaches, as it is officially set to drop on July 23 via Prospect Park Records.
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