Five Finger Death Punch Unchain New Single 'Lift Me Up' Featuring Rob Halford

artist: Five Finger Death Punch date: 05/14/2013 category: new releases
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Five Finger Death Punch Unchain New Single 'Lift Me Up' Featuring Rob Halford
US metallers Five Finger Death Punch have officially premiered their new single "Lift Me Up" featuring none-other that the metal god himself - Rob Halford of Judas Priest. The frontman had previously already joined the California five-piece during their performance at this year's Revolver Golden Gods Awards ceremony on May 2, helping them deliver this very same tune. The song kicks off with a blood-pumping riff and hardly drops the groove throughout the entire 4-minute length. The sturdy drum beat keeps the tight rhythm going during the verse, steadily building up and ultimately "lifting you up" in the chorus. Speaking of which, the hook will likely grab you during the very first listen; whether you prefer the group's sound is up to you, but this one will definitely keep the fan base well satisfied. Interestingly enough, the chorus may even not be the track's highlight, not when you have Mr. Halford around to deliver the metal. It's just fascinating how he manages to bring the classic metal vibe and in a way take the song back to the old school days. Singing style, vocal dynamics, call it whatever you want, but as soon as Halford steps in in the second verse the track gets that signature synchronized guitar duo swinging feel, if you get our drift. Anyhow, with a solid, somewhat shorter solo, the song is worth checking out and gets a definite thumbs up from here. The single will also find its spot on the group's upcoming double record "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell." As the fourth release in the 5FDP opus, the album's first volume is set to drop on July 23, while the Vol.2 is expected to hit the shelves later this fall. Singer Ivan Moody simply couldn't hide the thrill for singing with the metal icon, saying, "First and foremost, just to work alongside an icon like Rob Halford, The Metal God, was absolutely surreal." Moody then gave a brief description of the new tune, its inspiration and lyrical themes, adding, "The song itself was originally written about overcoming everyday obstacles and less-than-perfect situations. Most of us weren't born with a silver spoon in our mouth, but if life dealt you all the wrong cards, you still have to play. "The song's intent is to inspire," the singer tells Revolver magazine, "if you play that hand right, you might just come out on top anyway." The band's previous studio effort, "American Capitalist," came out in October 2011 via Prospect Park. With over 90,000 copies shipped in the US within the first week, it debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart, ultimately earning the Gold certification by the RIAA in September 2012.
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