Five Finger Death Punch Unchain New Single 'Lift Me Up' Featuring Rob Halford

The group joins forces with the god of metal to deliver a rocking tune.

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US metallers Five Finger Death Punch have officially premiered their new single "Lift Me Up" featuring none-other that the metal god himself - Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

The frontman had previously already joined the California five-piece during their performance at this year's Revolver Golden Gods Awards ceremony on May 2, helping them deliver this very same tune.

The song kicks off with a blood-pumping riff and hardly drops the groove throughout the entire 4-minute length. The sturdy drum beat keeps the tight rhythm going during the verse, steadily building up and ultimately "lifting you up" in the chorus. Speaking of which, the hook will likely grab you during the very first listen; whether you prefer the group's sound is up to you, but this one will definitely keep the fan base well satisfied.

Interestingly enough, the chorus may even not be the track's highlight, not when you have Mr. Halford around to deliver the metal. It's just fascinating how he manages to bring the classic metal vibe and in a way take the song back to the old school days. Singing style, vocal dynamics, call it whatever you want, but as soon as Halford steps in in the second verse the track gets that signature synchronized guitar duo swinging feel, if you get our drift. Anyhow, with a solid, somewhat shorter solo, the song is worth checking out and gets a definite thumbs up from here.

The single will also find its spot on the group's upcoming double record "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell." As the fourth release in the 5FDP opus, the album's first volume is set to drop on July 23, while the Vol.2 is expected to hit the shelves later this fall.

Singer Ivan Moody simply couldn't hide the thrill for singing with the metal icon, saying, "First and foremost, just to work alongside an icon like Rob Halford, The Metal God, was absolutely surreal."

Moody then gave a brief description of the new tune, its inspiration and lyrical themes, adding, "The song itself was originally written about overcoming everyday obstacles and less-than-perfect situations. Most of us weren't born with a silver spoon in our mouth, but if life dealt you all the wrong cards, you still have to play.

"The song's intent is to inspire," the singer tells Revolver magazine, "if you play that hand right, you might just come out on top anyway."

The band's previous studio effort, "American Capitalist," came out in October 2011 via Prospect Park. With over 90,000 copies shipped in the US within the first week, it debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart, ultimately earning the Gold certification by the RIAA in September 2012.

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    Michael Stewart
    Disturbed's and Five Finger Death punch's music always sounds the same, let's complain about it. Slipknot's new music sounds different. Let's complain about it. Know what, all you want to do is complain. Fuck you all.
    Well, f*ck you too. Why should we praise bands that basically do the same thing every song, every album? (Slipknot changed their sound, but they still basically did the same thing they've done on every album.)
    Michael Stewart
    Come back to me when you've made 4 platinum albums in a row.
    I Completely Agree With Michael Here, All People Wanna Do Is Bitch & Complain About This Music,Damned If You Dont Damned If You Do, If Its Good, Its Bad, If Its bad, Its Bad, Does Anything make You Happy.
    Here We Go "These Guys Suck!", Wrong. How Many Albums Have These Guys Had? 3. How Many Of There Albums Were Platinum? Oh Yeah, Thats Right, 3. "All There Songs Sound The Same" Wrong Again. Lets Take A Comparison Shall We? Track 2 (The Way Of The Fist) Off Of Album 1 (The Way Of The Fist) Compared To Track 8 (Remember Everything) Off Of Album 3 (American Capitalist). Yeah, Listen To Both Of Those & Tell Me All There Music Is The Same, Sure, Maybe Some Songs Are Similar, But To Be Realistic, How Many Of You Think You Could Have 4 Albums Ranging From About 1-14 Songs Per Album And Have Every Song Have Zero Relation? Thats What I Thought. "These Guys Are Trash, Punks, Bullys, Pathetic, Wanna-Be's, Ect. Or Just Straight Up Want Attention Following Up From There Sucess" Once Again, Wrong. I See Nothing Pathetic Or Bullying About This Band, They Have Some Stuff? Yes. But "Coming Down" Would Totally Counter-Attack You're Insults. These Guys Support Our Troops, & The Lack Of Respect You People Give, Yeah, Thats Whats Pathetic. If You Dislike/Hate 5FDP So Much, Why Did You Come Out Of Your Way Just To Criticize Against Them, Get A Life, They Rock.
    it sounds like an extreme nickelback
    That's what no one gets. They'll put a lot of double bass and a riff at the beginning, but it's still the same chords and choruses. And just having double bass doesn't pass as technical drumming. Dude's over-dramatic 'singing' voice drives me crazy, also.
    their singer sounds bad live from what I've heard on youtube
    Say what you want, you still know that it doesn't. This is completely different from the shit that Nickelback puts out.
    Never really listened to these guys....riff is nice and so was the solo. Singer has alot of energy....not bad at all.
    solo was pretty dope...halford ruins it for me. doesn't fit at all and you can tell what hes going to say before he says it.
    It's a single. Death Punch like to make their singles sound alike. If you'd listen through their albums, you would see not all their songs sound alike. It's just for the most part, their singles.
    I come to the message board to read the music snobs comments. Reminds me of that dude with a flat bill cap, cocked to one side telling other people their style sucks.
    I can see why people dislike them, everything they do sounds the same. But I like them for some odd reason.
    link no1
    Everything Distrubed do sounds the same and everybody loves them as far as I can tell.
    I think Disturbed is boring, and that all of Draiman's vocals are too similar. It's when he softens up a bit and sings an awesome chorus like Remember that he shines.
    I find that fact odd and Disturbed boring as hell due to their rewritting of everything
    Anything with Mr. Halford is awesome. 5FDPare great Troop supporters as well. I will definitely get this album.
    It seems like most of the new releases are streamed of 'iHeart Radio' which for anyone who heard 'God is Dead' knows they like to add a bit extra to the song...quite annoying.
    Gotta love 5FDP even if all of their stuff sounds really similar. This song is great! Rob Halford is the man!
    Why? Why should we love them for essentially using the same basic thing each song?
    Watch out, we have FFDP fanboys on the loose downvoting everything that is the opposite of what they think.
    I love this band and I like this new song. Feel free to hate and I will still like it.
    WTF 3 ads for iheart radio in one song??? Sorry, but when they are going to put an ad IN THE MIDDLE OF A SONG, thats just stupid. They just lost my support/views.
    ha iHeart sucks anyway. a commercial with some of the worst "artists" imaginable that advertise the radio app. just because of that, **** iHeart. I've always stuck with Pandora. Jango sucks. is cool.
    Some of their stuff can be catchy, but I don't know how they can do a double album and have it not be monotonous as hell.
    The song is just so-so in my opinion. But I must admit, their singer has a great voice, and of course Rob Halford is a badass.
    I don't know why everyone is bashing these guys so much. FFDP is damn good and while some of their music may sound relatively alike does not mean it's exactly the same. I'd like to see half of you guys get off your asses and go pump out 4 albums good luck *****s =). LONG LIVE FFDP!!!
    I second that they are damn good on there albums and live and they are awesome guys too meet as well.....people stop hatten
    It's essentially just Pop with Metal elements, it's meant to be catchy, not to blow you away with it's instrumentals or song structure. That being said I really have a love-hate relationship with 5FDP, they can write some songs that have a little bit of depth to them lyrically (I literally teared up in the car on my first listening of Remember Everything on the radio because I could identify with literally every line in the song), but most of the time it's all about how badass they think they are and it's just really annoying.
    Good song, there is some nice buildup feeling in the intro, the guitar solo is great as usual with FFDP, and Rob's part is pretty cool and makes the song stand out in their catalogue.
    No offense to Rob but the best part of this track was the I heart radio robot. How these frat metal and hard rock bands are still around is beyond me.
    Really boring. They were somewhat listenable a few years back, before I'd ever really heard of them.
    not sure i understand halfords motivation here?? it definitely aint money so i am guessing he is just a cool Fu#$ing dude that wants to help a band that he knows needs a singer that doesn't have to ACT like a badass! just my opinion. if these guys would give the tough guy schtick a rest i just may be able to take them seriously but every damn song is over the top with the dramatic vocals and the i'm so tough and the cliche f bombs it's just tired as hell.. and the riffs although cool in several places are just flat out easy i can jump in and play along on the first or second listen and im just a hobbyist! i guess i ought to grow a goatee and start talkin shit! oh wait i think i just wrote my first song idea look out 5 finger . Now all i gotta do is find a good violent movie to rip off a quote from? maybe i'll call it UNCHAIN DJANGO.
    This sounds like a cheap Stone Sour. I wish modern bands would make their own sound and not bastardize their heroes.
    sounds like every other song that FFDP does, its really annoying, they have no creativity at all. And they havent changed there sound at all.
    lol soon as they do people will be saying they sound nothing like like they used to. which I don't think they do I don't like nothing from them except there first album. they should have been terminated after that.
    Why would a band change their sound? You just said it was their sound which means you identify with that sound coming from that band. Your statement makes no sense.
    i remember when i use to think these guys were so awesome, now they sound like radio metal garbage to me. they have some of the worst lyrics to. i call this jock metal, its weight lifting music with no substance. i grew out of it few years ago. now im into more progressive metal. halford is my fav singer of all time tho. long live the metal god
    me 2 man..when I DL there 1st album before it came out, I was ahhh these guys r tight. ashes was a dope song. 1....2...**** all fell apart after that. I guess success does that to a band. not much to hate and bitch about when your doing what you want to do.
    Yeah, I remember The Bleeding was cool at the time, but they really are outdated if you ask me this is shit you listen to when first being introduced to metal.
    Well at least is a bad band with awesome guest, not the other way (Megadeth->David Draiman)
    Atreyu should sue them for using that riff...
    is this was to happen everybody would be suing everybody. Open ur ears most of everything comes from something.
    It's not like they sat down and said, "Hey guy's, listen to this song...We should totally reuse this riff in our own song." No two notes of any riff will ever sound the same...
    RAWR! NEW VIDEO "UNCHAINED!" BECAUSE IT'S SO BROOTS F***ING METAL Screw this band. Their best songs are just Pantera ripoffs.
    i could not agree with you more on the screw this band part but have to respectfully disagree with the pantera ripoff comment, these hacks couldn't rip pantera off if they were being assisted by bernie madoff ! 5 finger death punch blows ass!
    matteo cubano
    haha nice...that sounds like a pun eminem used on that corny ass album he put out a few years back
    Big fan of both Priest and 5FDP, can't wait to hear this for myself. Not sure why 5FDP get so much crap. Sure their songs sound similar but at least they're trying to keep metal alive in a world overrun with pop and rap infestation.