Flaming Lips To Release 24-Hour-Long Song

artist: The Flaming Lips date: 10/03/2011 category: new releases
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Flaming Lips To Release 24-Hour-Long Song
The Flaming Lips plan to commemorate Halloween this year by releasing a 24-hour-long song encased in human skulls. As reported by O Music Awards, frontman Wayne Coyne insists the project is neither bizarre nor illegal. In parts of the world and even on eBay you can actually buy real human skulls, he points out. There's a place in town that's called Skulls Unlimited' that's been here for almost as long as The Flaming Lips have been here, and it sells human skulls. Skulls Unlimited is located in Oklahoma, where Coyne makes his home. If all goes according to plan, Coyne will insert hard-drives containing the massive recording into five human heads, each of which will be chrome-plated and elegantly packaged. As regards the theme of the composition, which has yet to be recorded, Coyne says it's another element of this Flaming Lips connection with death and beauty and all that. More Flaming Lips here. Thanks for the report to Russel Hall, Gibson.com.
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