Florence Welch Gives Update on New Album

New Florence + the Machine album is on its way.

Ultimate Guitar

After three years, Florence Welch has comfirmed that she is working on a new Florence + the Machine album, but insists it's "not ready yet."

As Gigwise notes, the singer performed in central London last night (5 June) at the Other Ball, which is a Mark Ronson-hosted fundraiser for the charity Arms Around the Child.

In an interview with NME at the event, Welch said she wouldn't be performing any new material "because it's not ready yet." When asked if there was new material, she said: "Yeah. Yeah there is."

Welch also described how it felt to be back on stage again: "It feels really good, actually. It feels amazing - there's an amazing choir up there and a harp set up. [It feels like] 'Oh yeah, this! This is what I do - I'm not hiding in a studio 24 hours a day. It feels good."

The band's second album, "Ceremonials," was released back in 2011, and went to No.1 in the UK albums chart.

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    FINALLY. She's a tremendous vocalist and she's a refreshing artist.
    I know she is talented and stuff but I cant stand her voice/singing style.