Folkearth Preparing To Release 'Father Of Victory'

artist: Folkearth date: 02/05/2008 category: new releases
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Folkearth, an international music project created by musicians playing folk and Viking metal, is preparing to release its fourth album, "Father of Victory" (cover artwork), via Stygian Crypt Productions. The track listing for the CD is as follows: 01. The Forlorn Knight (3:34) 02. The Purest Breed (4:26) 03. Sleipnir (4:45) 04. What Glory Remains (3:57) 05. Dawn in Tir Na N'Og (4:07) 06. The Will of Odin (5:52) 07. Father of Victory (3:08) 08. Charles Martel (5:17) 09. Wallachian Warlord (4:28) 10. The Iron Wolf (4:12) 11. Heroes in the Sky (4:01) 12. Carmina Bellica (3:32) Check out audio samples at the band's MySpace page. Folkearth was established in 2003 as a musical forum representing over 20 established folk and metal musicians joined together from all parts of the world. FOLKEARTH is made up of members from Sweden, Austria, USA, Germany, Lithuania, England and several other countries. This unique worldwide collaboration also features members from bands like Yggdrasil, Forefather, Uruk Hai and The Soil Bleeds Black. All of the musicians involved offer up traditional instrument recordings which are then edited and mixed with heavy metal sonorities, hence offering the most unique and concise folk metal atmospheres ever recorded. Thanks for the info to
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