Foo Fighters Finish Writing New Album

Dave Grohl says they have "really awesome, big plans" for the new album. In other news, Dave joins a hip hop band. Hear their first recording together right here.

Ultimate Guitar

Dave Grohl has confirmed that Foo Fighters have finished writing their latest album, and will hit the studio when Dave finishes promoting his Sound City documentary in the coming months.

In other news, Dave had just joined a hip-hop band called RDGLDGRN and may tour with them as drummer later this year. Hear their first song together the player below.

"We have really awesome, big plans for the next [Foo Fighters] album," Dave told MTV. "We know exactly what's coming next, and I have the music for the next record and we're going to start working on it once we finish doing [Sound City] stuff."

Dave wouldn't commit to naming a release date: "If I give you [a date] now, it means I'll actually have to make that deadline."

It has also been confirmed that Dave and his bandmate Taylor Hawkins will induct Rush into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this year, according to UltimateClassicRock.

Meanwhile, what's all this about Dave joining a hip hop band?

They're called RDGLDGRN, and met Dave at Sound City studios last year, where they made friends and he offered to drum on their new recording. The band told NME that he "knocked out half our record like some kind of machine," and said it was "overwhelming" to work with such a legend.

It's not the only surprise collaboration Dave has worked on recently. Last week his drumming appeared on an Abba cover by Swedish metal band Ghost.

Hear "Million Fans" by RDGLDGRN featuring Dave Grohl here:

How will Foo Fighters top their last album "Wasting Light"? What do you think of Dave's foray into hip hop? Let us know in the comments.

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    What happened to the Foo Fighters taking a 'long hiatus'?
    What happened to working on the new Queens record? Is that already done, and he's already written ANOTHER album since then? How many Fresh f***in' Pots has this man been consuming?!
    To be fair he's just drumming on the Queens record, which means since he's not in charge of it he won't have as much work as say a Foo Fighters or sound city record. But he probably has a team of several interns just to keep his pots fresh and plentiful.
    Wondering the same thing, but still won't complain. More Grohl = More good in the world
    Same reaction. I was so set that I wouldn't get a new Foo album for quite awhile...but hell yeah this made my day!
    A few months is a hiatus for Grohl, that dude is a machine! He'll be fine as long as he has a FRESH POT!!
    Dave Grohl taking a long break from something = less than a year, because he alternates between doing something constantly. Also, the Sound City players is practically Foo Fighters featuring Various Artists, so they weren't ever really on a "long hiatus" in the first place.
    Dave said they won't play live, but will make an album, AFAIK.
    It will be hard for them to top Wasting Lights.. But I can't express how happy I am that there will be a new record!
    I don't get how Dave does it. Producing sound city, Helping the Queens with their new album, possible TCV album coming out, joining this hip-hop group, and now this? This man never stops working, gotta love him.
    Dave is the man plain and simple. As big of a Foo fan as I am, I wouldn't mind having the Foo's on hold until TCV does a record and tours again. Also I find it funny that Dave announced the Foo Fighter hiatus but has done literally nothing but work with the members of Foo Fighters during that time. Gotta love him.
    When Dave said that Foo's will play together again, I expected 5-10years, not 1-2. This makes me happy
    Man, if Maynard James Keenan, Jack White, and Dave Grohl got together musically, we'd have more music than we would know what to do with it. Workaholics.
    What?! Seems very quick since their last one!
    It'll be 2 years old this april. I guess time passes fast when you listen to great music.
    As much as i love the foo fighters, i wish them crooked vultures would put out another record
    Man he really is the busiest guy on the planet.. this + a hip hop group? Holy ----!
    Sound city, Qotsa, a promised TCV-Album, New Foos-LP, That thing with that Hip-Hop-Band with unspeakable name... when does this man even sleep? FRESH POTS!
    YYYYEEEEESSS. Wasting Light is my favorite Foo Fighters record, and I've got damn high hopes for new stuff. I'm pretty x-static on how Dave's been real busy lately aha
    I thought they were on hiatus... Who cares?! New album!!! I heard they have some special surprises.
    Ok, Dave did not say they have "finished" writing the album. As much as I would like to believe that they have, he just said they have "big plans." I wouldn't expect it to come out until about this time next year.
    I was actually hoping for a short hiatus so he'd focus on Queens and maybe Them Crooked Vultures. Nvm whatever he does seem to turn to gold.
    Dave can't live without playing. So, I figured we'd see noo Foo in a little while. I'm excited. My copy of 'Wasting Light' still gets it's fair share of play time.
    I was hoping we'd get Dave on the next QOTSA tour. Bored of the Foos
    ...aaaaand the world yawned. Seriously, Foo Fighters are SO BORING. I just don't get it.
    Not a big Hip-Hop fan, but this song is pretty cool, that drum beat is sick, such an old school vibe to it, from the beat itself to the sound of the drums. I'm gonna have to check out the rest of the stuff he did with them. I like when drummers (and guitarists/bassist for that matter) "cross over" and lay down stuff over hip hop. It's really the only time I check out the genre, when someone adds live instruments to a song, like what Travis Barker was doing onstage with DJ AM. When done right, there have been some pretty badass results.
    Oh yes! I was kinda bummed out by the foo hiatus so this is great news! It's gonna be hard to top ''Wasting Light''
    I am looking forward to this, being a huge Foo's fan and all, but I just hope they change it up a little bit. I've found that Dave has found a very successful formula for writing cool songs, but he is not taking any chances with the music and I can always kinda predict whats going to happen in the song. Same can be said for the 2 released sound city tracks, good, but it feels hollow to me. Rant over.
    Good to hear!!! Always excited to hear new music from the Foos! I also can't wait to see Sound City!
    I'll probably get hate but I've never been too big on the Foos. I am very excited for the QOTSA collabs though.
    Seriously this guy needs a vacation..I mean, I really love foo fighters but he is human!