Foo Fighters Post New Album Update: 'It's F--king On!'

Meanwhile, demo tape of Dave Grohl's childhood band Dain Bramage surfaces, streaming inside.

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With a long-awaited announcement confirming the new album recording, Foo Fighters have made it crystal clear that their eighth studio record is "f--king on!"

In an Instagram post, the band unveiled a photo of five master tape reels from the upcoming album, so far only labeled as "LP 8." The photo was accompanied with a brief "It's f--king on!" note, full details below.

In related news, demo tape of Dave Grohl's childhood band Dain Bramage has surfaced, giving fans a unique insight on the frontman's early days. Featuring eight tunes, you can stream the record below via Antiquiet.

Back in September, Grohl actually tweeted the trio's fresh photo, simply titled "Dain Bramage 2013." The band itself was active for two years, releasing two mildly popular demos and an LP titled "I Scream Not Coming Down." Apart from Dave on drums, the band included singer Reuben Radding and bassist Dave Smith.


— Foo Fighters (@foofighters) September 14, 2013

You excited about the new album or what? And how about that demo tape - have you checked out that Grand Funk Railroad cover?

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    I wanna listen to this so badly. I love their views about music itself and how much integrity as musicians they have. it makes their music that much better to listen to. go Dave!
    They're with Sony Music Entertainment. Integrity is not the word you wanna use.
    care to elaborate?
    SME has been known to support SOPA, PIPA and has been censoring Google searches on their artists and labels. Last time I checked Dave Grohl was against all this.
    Eddie Vedder has probably worn sneakers in his life that have been made in a sweatshop. to paraphrase Batman Begins, it's not what your music label does, but what you do that defines you.
    SME are there to distribute the records - Grohl owns and records through his own imprint, Roswell Records.
    FRESH POTS! However much I am looking forward to the new Foos album, I have to say I really want a new Vultures album. TCV are so inspirational and contrasting to other music nowadays. They went back to the roots of blues and took it on a whole different path of rock n roll. I hope once the new Foo/QotSA albums are done something happens. Anyway, I hope Dave can pull off something as mindblowing as Wasting Light 'cos that album was one of their best. I'm psyched!
    So what exactly "is on"? More generic radio friendly rock from a 6/10 singer who should devote more time to being an 11/10 drummer?
    Don't forget...more generic radio friendly rock with no guitar solos because we all know a drummer cant solo on guitar
    I've not even read the short, copy-and-pasted article because I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. I'm off for my dinner now, and let me tell you, IT'S F**KING ON!!!
    Possible idea for their album: Well Dave says it's gonna be done like no other album has, so what if it's one long rock song, like all the songs connected or something along those lines