Foo Fighters Releasing New Album 'Sonic Highways' on November 10, Unveil 9 Artwork Covers

The previously-leaked cover is official, but there's more. Full details inside.

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Foo Fighters have officially announced "Sonic Highways" as the title of their upcoming eighth studio record, due out on November 10.

As for the cover, the previously-leaked artwork turned out as a legit one, but there's more to it than initially thought, as the album will be available with nine different cover arts.

So basically, there are eight cities to chose from, as well as the so-called "forever" artwork. As reported, the album was recorded across eight cities around the US, hence each of the available covers celebrates one of the Foo's recording stops.

According to the official release, the nine-cover stint is a limited edition series, and the Foo Fighters store is the only place to get your hand on them. More info here.

Rounding up the full details, the band has also presented the track listing. Dave Grohl had previously noted that the record might turn out as one of the band's longest efforts, despite containing just eight tunes.

"Sonic Highways" will also be accompanied with a same-titled TV show, set for an October 17 premiere on HBO.

"Sonic Highways" Track Listing:

1. Something From Nothing
2. The Feast and the Famine
3. Congregation
4. What Did I Do?/God as My Witness
5. Outside
6. In the Clear7. Subterranean8. I Am a River

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    Cool idea! I love how the Foos give fans something 'limited' when buying the physical album, like the piece of recording tape that came with Wasting Light.
    Wasting light was the best since their 90's albums so I have high hopes for this
    Here's the locations of all of the 8/Infinity symbols: Seattle (Top row left) - Middle on the left hand side, in what appears to be a field or something, you'll see the 8. Chicago (Top row middle) - Lower left building, along the top, you'll see the 8 sideways. New York (Top row right) - On the star-shaped base of the Statue of Liberty. LA (Middle row left) - The highway makes the 8-shape. Forever City (Middle row middle) - The building itself is the 8/Infinity symbol. Washington DC (Middle row right) - On the ground to the right of the monument. Austin (Bottom row left) - 8/Infinity symbol appears vertically on lower portion of the main building. New Orleans (Bottom row middle) - On the top of the dome. Nashville (Bottom row right) - In the lower center of the image, the 8/Infinity symbol appears vertically on the lower portion of the building.
    I see the 8/infinity logo on six of the eight cities, but I can't locate it on the New York cover and the one to its left. Any ideas?
    I cant find the 8 on any of the top row :S
    This is the top row: Seattle (Left city) - Middle on the left hand side, in what appears to be a field or something, you'll see the 8. Chicago (Middle city) - Lower left building, along the top, you'll see the 8 sideways. New York City (Right city) - On the star-shaped base of the Statue of Liberty.
    So they can trick a few poor saps into buying 9 albums just so they can put them together and complete the picture.
    I think it's a cool idea that means you're getting a more unique copy than just the standard one. It means that not everyone who buys the album will have the same cover, and it's something you can discuss with others, almost like comparing trading cards (not as grand but still). Granted there will be some people who will try and buy all nine of course, but how is that any different to people who buy 4 versions of the same record for a bonus track? It gives people a reason to buy the physical copy, which is always a good thing. It's not like they're splitting up content on the disk, how can giving people options be a bad thing?
    I just bought the Seattle vinyl and I'm sure as **** not going go spend $200 just to get the rest of them
    Its not a trick. Its well written on their site detailing what you are getting when you order an album. If you got the money to purchase all albums and you like the Foo that much then why not? I'd be a little jealous to see the display myself. Great design and idea for those who collect.
    I guess i'm crazy, but i can see how i'd make a kind of "picture frame" display out of all nine, and hang it on my wall, and have it be something that is pretty cool looking. sure it would cost a bunch, but it would look way more rad than a poster or something. Its all about looking Rad.
    Sadly, this is true. It's so difficult to promote physical albums now that bands have to get creative, digipacks were a step in the right direction and this is rather inventive too I suppose. Either we'll have a sudden boom in physical album sales again one day or we'll all move on to iTunes/digital downloads.
    Wonder if there is there a hidden 9th track so there is numerical synergy with the cover?
    Or maybe the last track blends into the first track, making the album infinitely playable without stops, that is, if each track went into the next.
    So that was the thing that nobody has ever done before? Recorded in different cities?
    Congregation, What Did I Do?/God as My Witness Why do I have a feeling that these two songs might involve some sort of Gospel, Blues, and Big Band?
    I love the Foos....but... "Sonic Highways"...? Isn't that... as far as album titles go...a bit...I dunno...lame..? A bit obvious? A bit easy...?