Foo Fighters Tease New Song, Raise Hype Ahead of Album Release

Check out the vinyl sample inside.

Ultimate Guitar

As their new album "Sonic Highways" was set for November 10 release, Foo Fighters decided to raise the hype a bit by posting another tasty song sample.

Similarly to the first clip, the new video's not of the highest quality, was recorded with a phone in fact, but provides fresh eight seconds of the new Foos.

The tune that's spinning on the record player seems to be a rockin' one, presenting us with a sturdy drum beat and a neat guitar melody.

You can check out more "Sonic Highways" details here. Prior to hitting the shelves, the album will be announced with an HBO series documenting the band's recording journey. Details here.Back to the sample, check it out here.

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    you couldn't possibly raise the hype any higher.
    In response to rabidgoon 's allegations on, Dave Grohl was quoted as saying "Challenge accepted! ".
    Foo Fighters is Dave Grohl, this guy Taylor... and some other guys that don't get their whole head in the band photo.
    Chris,Pat and Nate..
    Right, I'm 38, and don't suck off pop bands like you guys do. I hated Nirvana as most metal musicians did and didn't jump on the band wagon when Cobain shot himself. I still don't care.
    They are so pumped to finally make an album that doesn't have 3 singles and a butt load of filler.
    I know this is the lesser opinion on this site. But I don't get why foo fighters are so great. Someone please tell me why. Is it because Dave was in nirvana?
    >they make great rock music accessible to a wide range of people >they take their music seriously, but have a sense of humor >they aren't a$$holes >it's mostly the fact that they aren't a$$holes
    To me, it's mostly that I just love their music. I've gone through a butt-load of music phases, but Foo Fighters are always one of the consistent bands I end up coming back to.
    Mr. Baloonhands
    They're just all around good guys who not once let all their fame and success get to their heads. Also you just can't hate any one of them, seriously try, i dare you
    daves voice is really good his lyrics are great, and even though theyre criticized for being maybe a bit too poppy/mainstream/safe their song are just genuinely catchy and well written, fun even
    theyre not the best but they aint the worst either
    Yeah.... Blink -182 is waaaay worse then foo fighters.
    It's purely because there is no opposition for them in the rock/hard rock world at the mo
    I really enjoy their music for what it is, but I also have to agree with you. Sad really.
    The fact that Lorde just won the MTV VMA award for Best Rock Video says it all! ಠ_ಠ
    As I read in a review a couple of years back, in reality the Foos are "a pop band with all the knobs turned up to 11". Spot on!
    I like Foo Fighters, there's nothing special about them though. It's just some good old fashioned rock music that's nice to hear once in a while, nothing spectacular, but they're not supposed to be
    I just love their music, energy and performance. If you don't like them that's fine, everyone deserves their own opinion and likes what they like. I'm also not going to down-vote you just for sharing your opinion. That seems childish.
    dimitris rousso
    But really, when he was free from nirvana, he finally played in a nice band! I never liked nirvana, but i love the Foos!
    Have you actually listened to Foo Fighters? I actually didn't even know it was Dave when I first heard them but they're just really ****ing good
    This is the last band that needs to raise the hype. Like really, before the clip I was still freaking out for the album to come out.