Foo Fighters to Make Major Announcement on Monday

Dave Grohl and co. promise "big news."

Ultimate Guitar

Today's Facebook post from Foo Fighters advised fans to check in Monday for "some big news."

As Consequence of Sound notes, it's certainly reasonable to assume that Monday's announcement will be related to Foo's forthcoming eighth studio album.

Still, the band has only revealed a November timeframe for the album's release. Details regarding an exact release date, title, tracklist, lead single and supporting tour are all still forthcoming.

As previously reported, the new album's release will coincide with the October 17th premiere of the band's HBO series, "Sonic Highways."

So stay tuned for more!

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    As a big Foo Fighters fan, this album and it's concept make me nervous. It'll either turn out to be an absolutely awesome record, or their worst album.
    I have this weird feeling too. 8 songs, the longest duration of all their records, some jazz influences, use of brass instruments.... it still makes me excited but a bit worried at the same time.
    Hello...I've waited here for you...everlong... TOOT TOOT SKIDDLY BOOP BOOP DEE DOO seriously though, can't wait for this album!
    i think the announcement is it's gonna be their last
    It could be, but I don't know that they would announce that during the buildup to the record. I could see them announcing it afterward and then putting on the big farewell tour.
    With all of the announcements about announcements, you still know that they're going to actually release music. Unlike Tool...
    UG's transparent attempt to illicit the Pavlovian response of a Dave Grohl circle-jerk is transparent.
    They made so many announcement about the upcoming album , they got me really excited about it., however I believe they have put a lot of effort on it, its definitely to buy album NOT DOWNLOADING.
    Now that you've said it in capitals I'll definitely pay attention.
    Maybe its cause Dave is going to attempt his first guitar solo LOL.....never gonna happen.....
    never seen the Foo live I take it? Grohl can rip it, just because their studio albums are void of solos (for the most part) in every song doesnt mean he is incapable of playing lead licks
    I've seen them and obviously your definition of "rip it" and my definition of rip it are 2 totally different things.....
    I'll be getting it on 180gr vinyl. If they do what they did with Wasting Light, the digital master will be far inferior to the analog one.
    'As previously reported, the new album's release will coincide with the October 17th premiere of the band's HBO series, "Sonic Highways."' This is slightly misleading, I thought the Foo Fighters were just premiering their new single on that date
    The major announcement will be the popcorn you've been eating has been pissed in! Film at 11.