Former Mars Volta Guitarist Reveals Bosnian Rainbows Album Details

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's new band is called Bosnian Rainbows, and they've just posted details about their first album release. Stream two songs here to hear his new musical direction.

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Former Mars Volta guitarist and band leader Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has been busy with his new band Bosnian Rainbows, whose new album title and tracklist have now been revealed.

Bosnian Rainbows was a side-project for the guitarist until the Mars Volta officially split in January. Now it's his main project, and sounds nothing like you might expect.

The album will be self-titled and feature eleven tracks. Musicians in the lineup alongside Omar include TEri Gender Bender from Le Bucherettes, Nicci Kasper and Deantoni Parks, according to Antiquiet.

Bosnian Rainbows' self-titled album tracklist:

01. Eli 02. Worthless 03. Dig Right In Me 04. The Eye Fell In Love 05. Cry For You 06. Morning Sickness 07. Torn Maps 08. Turtle Neck 09. Always On The Run 10. Red 11. Mother, Father, Set Us Free

Two songs from the new record have already been posted online, which you can stream here:

What do you think of Omar's new direction? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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    Very poor substitute for Mars Volta. Meanwhile Jon Theodore is playing with QOTSA!
    You people need to stop comparing it to TMV. It's not supposed to be anything remotely like that band. We only need one TMV.
    I understand your point about not comparing them. However, its impossible to ignore the fact that, according to Cedric, the new band was directly responsible for the end of the old band. Its also impossible to ignore the fact that the new band retains some of the members of the old band. Whether its fair or not, when these kinds of connections exist, its IMPOSSIBLE to not compare the two.
    Whhhhaaaattttt? I keep thinking I can't get more excited for the new QOTSA record, but then I read stuff like this
    He's not playing on the album, just touring.
    Actually, according to the press release, Jon Theodore does have drums recorded on the album, as does Joey Castillo as well. Kinda surprising, since I think we had all been of the impression Dave Grohl handled all of the drums. Apparantely that isn't the case though.
    Still wish they'd make another Volta album but I love all of Omar's projects, they are usually pretty good. I'm gonna have to go check out this Le Bucherettes as I like this singer's vocal style. Also pretty pumped for Cedrics solo album.
    I'm really liking it actually, diggin the up beat vibe. It sounds exactly what I would think a bosnian rainbow sounds like too.
    Omar was bored with TMV the same way he got bored with ATDI. When the right time comes you drop the ball... I'm glad he left and continued doing something else he really wants to do.
    The two Bosnian Rainbows songs posted are actually very pleasant surprises. I'll definitely check out the album when it comes out.
    Saw them live. One of the best performances i've caught in years. check out the album but more importantly check them out next time they're playing near you.
    I second that. Had heard none of Omar's stuff besides Mars Volta, At the Drive In and De Facto, saw these guys in Sydney on the strength of his name, and was blown away. Teri is an amazing frontperson.
    I saw bosnian rainbows live and it was awesome...being a huge mars Volta fan and a huge Omar fan I didn't listen to any of the songs online I just went to see them live and I'll admit some songs were OK and sounded more toward catchy pop stuff but the songs that were good were amazing Omar sherdded as he always does and regardless how the album sounds I will be at any show they play near me
    I listened to Bosnian Rainbows Live performances on youtube and the music grew on me; the singer Teri Gender Bender is hot and unique I think they will do great
    This is a great! I don't need another Mars Volta. I don't really need more ORLG material either. I'm glad he 86d volta, rather than continue on under that name with these cats. I hope Omar is having fun, because that hopefully means more great things.
    Is it just me, or does the cover look a little like "In Rainbows" by Radiohead?
    those other members have the most hipster names ive ever heard in a band.
    Mars Volta, good riddance, along with Alex is on Fire, My Chemical Romance, Green Day 74, and all those other crap emo bands. Go plug in some mother****ing Rainbow, Judas Priest, or Deep Purple, hear some REAL music. Punk kids.
    Mars Volta emo? What are you even talking about? They're nothing like MCR and Green Day. Green Day isn't emo either, at least listen to a band before you...oh wait I'm talking to an idiot nevermind.
    Give it a rest already grandpa, weve already heard the rant about the good old days and kids not knowing whats good anymore!
    im gonna assume your trolling because you literally have no idea what your talking about I hope people like you die because it would make for a better world... I'm a huge fan of priest rainbow and purple but you sir can suck a dick
    Its Alexis on Fire and they aren't emo either. And hardcore deserves alot more respect than any of those bands you just mentioned. Real music is about doing what you want for the sake of it and pushing social norms, like real rock n' roll was when it started. Not doing whats popular and getting famous. In a way those "punk kids" are more REAL music than anything else going on right now. And how you got Mars Volta and Green Day grouped in with emo is beyond me. And I am just defending Alexisonfire and Mars Volta. MCR and Green Day fans you're on your own.