Former Mars Volta Guitarist Reveals Bosnian Rainbows Album Details

artist: The Mars Volta date: 03/28/2013 category: new releases
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Former Mars Volta Guitarist Reveals Bosnian Rainbows Album Details
Former Mars Volta guitarist and band leader Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has been busy with his new band Bosnian Rainbows, whose new album title and tracklist have now been revealed. Bosnian Rainbows was a side-project for the guitarist until the Mars Volta officially split in January. Now it's his main project, and sounds nothing like you might expect. The album will be self-titled and feature eleven tracks. Musicians in the lineup alongside Omar include TEri Gender Bender from Le Bucherettes, Nicci Kasper and Deantoni Parks, according to Antiquiet. Bosnian Rainbows' self-titled album tracklist: 01. Eli 02. Worthless 03. Dig Right In Me 04. The Eye Fell In Love 05. Cry For You 06. Morning Sickness 07. Torn Maps 08. Turtle Neck 09. Always On The Run 10. Red 11. Mother, Father, Set Us Free Two songs from the new record have already been posted online, which you can stream here:
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