Fountains Of Wayne Get Busy On New Album

Things are back in motion for Fountains Of Wayne's next record, which Adam Schlesinger hopes to have out in 2009.

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It's been a busy year for Fountains Of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger. After nabbing a nomination for best original score for the songs he co-wrote for the Broadway adaptation of Cry-Baby, he was asked by writing partner David Javerbaum to help pen the lyrics for "A Colbert Christmas Special," which began airing this week on Comedy Central.

Now, things are back in motion for Fountains Of Wayne's next record, which Schlesinger hopes to have out in 2009.

"We still have a ways to go, but we have eight songs that are relatively close to complete now. We're looking to regroup after the New Year and do the second batch," Schlesinger tells "I think we're trying some different things on this record, but we're still the same band, to me. It's kind of too early to say what direction it's going to as a whole."

Schlesinger's also in the midst of recording with Ivy, originally his main band but overshadowed in recent years by the success of Fountains Of Wayne. "That one's been slow going for many reasons," he reports. "But we have a record that is halfway done as well. Two other members had babies recently."

Fountains Of Wayne will take to the road this winter for a short acoustic tour, which Schlesinger promises will showcase a handful of new tunes.

Here are Fountains Of Wayne's tour dates:

01/14 - Bellingham - Walton Theater 01/15 - Seattle - Triple Door 01/16 - Portland - Wonder Ballroom 01/18-19 - San Francisco - Cafe Du Nord 01/21-22 - Los Angeles - Largo 01/23 - San Juan Capistrano - Coach House 01/24 - San Diego - Anthology 02/19 - Alexandria - Birchmere 02/20 - Annapolis - Ramshead 02/21 - Philadelphia - Tin Angel 02/25-26 - New York - Joe's Pub 02/28 - Boston - Paradise Rock Club 03/01 - Northampton - Iron Horse Music Hal

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    Awesome! Traffic and Weather was incredible, and I can't wait to hear what they come out with next. Very very very talented guys.
    Wait, they're still going? They seemed to disappear after Stacie's Mom. It's cool they're doing a new album though. I used to like these back a few years