Four Covers Unveiled for New Nine Inch Nails Album

Russell Mills designs four variant sleeves.

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The new Nine Inch Nails album "Hesitation Marks" will feature four variant covers, each created by artist Russell Mills, Metal Hammer notes.

Talking about the pieces, Mills stated: "The artworks, (30 mixed media pieces) that I eventually produced towards uses in the 'Hesitation Marks' releases, evolved out of lengthy exchanges between myself and Trent [Reznor] and in response to the conceptual ideas that thread through the tracks and to the sonic territory that the album explores.

"I've tried to lock into the album's prevailing mood and echo the album's essence. The ideas are not communicated in a literal or easily digested form, as this would be boring for me and would insult the intelligence of a potential audience. I've tried to make works that obliquely allude to the essence of the subject matter, to its emotional core.

"As with my self-initiated works the paintings, assemblages, collages and multimedia installations personal ideas and obsessions seep into these works. The organic, the natural, prevailing over or feeding into the industrial, the man made, is a common theme in my work generally and in this instance was particularly apt for the art required."

Here are four cover versions for different release formats:

"Turn and Burn," digital album cover (plaster, earth, oils, acrylics, etching varnish, bitumen, burning, rusted linen, blood, spent matches, on wood)

"Cargo in the Blood," deluxe CD cover (Burning, Polaroid frame, copper wire, mica, on velvet, on wood)

"Time and Again," standard CD cover (Plaster, earth, oils, acrylics, etching varnish, rusted linen, blood, microscope slides, on wood)

"Other Murmurs," vinyl cover (Plaster, earth, oils, acrylics, etching varnish, collage, on canvas, on wood)

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    Interesting work. Nice to see some effort still being put into cover art design.
    Russell Mills was commissioned to make the artwork for "The Downward Spiral" in 1994 as well, in case anyone was wondering about similarities in the artwork. I like how even the font type is the same as "The Downward Spiral".
    I like the second one the best and the fourth one the least, which is a shame, since that's the vinyl cover. They're all pretty good though, and certainly look like what you'd want your NIN covers to look like.
    Shit, I hardly even listen to NIN anymore but I still want to buy all four covers. CONSUMERISM, HO!
    Nine Inch Nails are the best man... Trent will be happy of all his accomplishments on the day he quits doing all this stuff...Which honestly, won't happen soon I believe. He is such a talent.