Fresh: Nita Strauss Unleashes Shredding New Song 'Pandemonium'

Written, recorded and produced by the lady herself.

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Fresh: Nita Strauss Unleashes Shredding New Song 'Pandemonium'

Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, The Iron Maidens) unveiled a brand new solo single titled "Pandemonium" today.

Written, recorded and produced by Nita, the song features the axelady on all guitars and bass, as well as Josh Villalta on drums and Katt Scarlett on keyboards.

In related stuff, you can check out Nita demonstrating her No. 1 tip for improving guitar playing here.

Back to the latest single, you can check out the tune below.

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    Wonder how much Monster paid her to drink that in the beginning of the video? No disrespect, everyone wants to get paid. She is an amazing player and this songs is pretty sweet.
    I had to check to see whether my computer was working properly then, but no it's actually in mono. Like seriously, who the fuck still does that shit in 2017?
    Why not? It's pretty smart actually imo as most of the population listens in mono anyways through their terrible phone speakers or a bluetooth speaker. And even if it is a "stereo bluetooth speaker" the two speakers are too close to each other to create a stereo image.
    She is a good guitarist, no doubt. But this song has no structure whatsoever. It's a perfect example of why composing instrumental music is not for everybody. I think only a guitarist (or at least a musician) can appreciate this.
    i have to disagree. just because you cant predict the parts of a song on a first listen doesn't mean there is no structure.
    But there really are no recurring events, meaning there is no structure. It's just a guitar solo. Not once did I recognize "okay, now where back to the theme" even if it would've gone back to the theme just once it would have created structure.
    I don't think that having a structure means that you can predict what comes next. I mean yes, sometimes you can, but not necessarely. IMO, having a structure means that the parts of the song create expectations for what is coming next. Sometimes the expectation is met (like a bridge leading to a chorus), sometimes not but there is still a logic. This songs to me sounds like a bunch of solos glued together. Obviously, no disrespect meant for Nita, who is a great guitarist
    There is actualy an intro,a verse and a chorus though small and vaguely repeating in theme,then an ending melody.I will admit its not arranged in accordance to the usual expectation but a palpable structure is there imo.