Frusciante Prepares A Feast

John Frusciante will release six albums over the next six months, starting with the new The Will to Death.

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John Frusciante will release six albums over the next six months, starting with the new The Will To Death. On his previous albums, as recently as last year's Shadows Collide With People, The Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist felt the need to make his recordings technically perfect, but as he listened to some of his favorite recordings, including The Rolling Stones' "Time Is On My Side," he gradually altered his approach.

"Brian Jones is playing a tambourine in that song that's totally out of time," he says. "At the time I was recording Shadows Collide With People, there would be no way in hell that I'd let a tambourine like that go by. I still might not let one go by that sounds that bad, but I use stuff like that as a reference point to remember, 'If they got away with that then I can definitely get away with this.' I started to realize that the right amount of imperfections, when they're spaced evenly across a record, can be really beautiful."

Frusciante is on a six-month hiatus from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the free time to experiment has led to some unexpected recordings, including an album made with his friend Josh Klinghoffer (Thelonious Monster) and Fugazi bassist Joe Lally under the name Ataxia. "All the rest of the albums are pretty concise songs, but that one is more stretched out," Frusciante says. "It's got lots of guitar solos and it's more of a sound of three people in room creating together. I've never done such out-of-control guitar playing on a record before. There's photographs of us in the studio and I look like I'm about ready to jump out of my skin."

With most albums made over the course of ten days or less, Frusciante took inspiration to go against the grain from the contrarian spirit of filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, in matching the more prolific pace of musicians of a generation ago, who frequently released a couple albums a year. "For anybody who thinks that I'm just rushing through it or going too fast or something, I'm not," says Frusciante. "We just know the songs really well. If I'm going to sing a song, I don't sing it twenty times, I just sing it once. If I need to fix a line or two, I fix 'em. To me, a band, especially a rock band, should be good enough where you should just be able to go in and play the song."

Taken from RollingStone.

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    im not mental
    Subliminal_si, you're kidding right? busted and good charlotte are the same thing: talentless shitheads. aNd QuIt TyPiNg LiKe ThIs CuZ iT's KeWl aNd HaRdKorE oR wHaTeVeR. RHCP rocks!!! John is a great guitarist.
    Yeah! John Frusciate ROCKS! Can't wait to get his new albums! I'm gonna get The Will To Death on sunday
    RHCP ROCKS!!!!! busted? and good charlotte? r u on something, if u listen to those shithead-wannabe-posers ur stupid. CUZ THEY SUCK
    subliminal...ur a joke. busted and good charlotte r popstar posers. go listen to sumthing good like RHCP. i want to see a new chilis album. frusciante is a really rocker.. non of that spiky haired, low riding, skating punk posers.. PS SuBlImInAl, Ur NoT KooL!!!
    Yes I am "kidding", what the *** do you take me for, btw im actually a big fan of RHCP I did my post in response to all the people who think they're so cool by having the first post I'd also like to say that my name has nothing to do with the new Slipknot album, my old band was called Subliminal Criminal and i was still in it when i registered my name
    why would someone who liked hardcore busted and ye olde good charlotte be on a guitar site anyways? its not like they play (well) or anything. and why would they be on a john frusciante bit? its called LOGIC. have a sense of humour. John frusciante is a great guitarist, so are hendrix, hillel, kurt, jimmy page etc, and of course, the dudes from mcfly (joke!)
    John Rocks!! Just curious.. who's a better guitar player, hillel slovak or John Frusciante? rhcp rules!rock on!
    both rock their socks off... as it were. i personally like all rhcp stuff and the john frusciante stuff i have. so both are legends in my opinion. i wanna see a new chilis album AND another uk tour. i missed it last time round