Fuel's 'Angels & Devils': A Quick Review

Just a reminder to the 7 remaining Fuel fans on Earth: Angels & Devils is out today.

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Just a reminder to the 7 remaining Fuel fans on Earth: Angels & Devils is out today.

You can purchase the album at stores, or order from Amazon.com. You can also listen to a preview of the disc at AOL Spinner.

In case you weren't paying attention, it's been awhile since Fuel had an album (autumn of '03), and during that time off, the band lost singer Brett Scallions and replaced him with Toryn Green, formerly of the band Something to Burn. You'd be justified in writing this band off, because the loss of Scallions -- who, by the way, is my hero -- is a tough thing to overcome. His distinct voice and personality was what made Fuel... Fuel.

If you're a Fuel fan, and you're expecting Toryn Green to step in and fill Scallions' shoes, you're going to be disappointed.

However, if you can get past the initial shock of hearing Fuel with a new singer, this CD is not bad. It's sort of a cross between Fuel's last two albums, Something Like Human and Natural Selection. Sure, a lot of people have forgotten about Fuel and moved on, but if you haven't given up on the band yet, you should be pretty happy with this effort. Toryn Green sounds a little too generic for my tastes, but he does have a powerful voice, and Carl Bell still knows how to write a great rock song. I don't think Fuel will gain many new fans with Angels & Devils, but it should be enough to keep their core fans happy. All 7 of us.

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    Just a reminder to the 7 remaining Fuel fans on Earth: Angels & Devils is out today.
    I honestly still like Fuel a lot, but I don't like their new singer whatsoever. So I probably wouldnt even borrow this CD. Oh well they were awesome...
    Yeah, I bought this album the day it came out. Toryn doesn't seem to be as good as Brett, but he's still alright. The album felt more of a cross between Sunburn and Natural Selection though. I don't think it was as good as Natural Selection but it was still worth the money.
    Grow some balls u stupid c**t. 7 Fuel fans on Earth my ass. Fuel r an awesome band, and Toryn Green is a great singer. Yeah Brett's gone and all that BS (boo-hoo) but u gotta stop living in the past. Grow up and stop stabbing your fav band in the back, cause TRUE fans would NEVER do that. By the way, there are many more Fuel fans out there, so stop insulting them. For once open ur freakin' eyes and look around u! Fuel WILL gain many more fans with Angels & Devils, just have faith. Peace out.
    Fuelie Tak
    "Too generic" That's your review? WTF? Why bother? And in case YOU didn't notice, Angels and Devils is the #6 Album on ITunes.
    wow. i have listened to it a couple of times and didn't even realise it was a new singer. its not as good as natural selection but that was a bloody good album. the new guy must be just trying to copy brett cos i can barely tell the difference
    wow definitely the most poorly written review and article i have ever read on this site. i thought journalism was supposed to be somewhat unbiased