Gaga Inspires Dead Weather Song

artist: Dead Weather date: 05/10/2010 category: upcoming releases

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Jack White had an unusual muse for new Dead Weather track The Difference Between Us - the song was inspired by Lady Gaga. The rocker decided to channel the Poker Face sensation while composing the tune - and admits he enjoyed pretending to be the outrageous pop star. He explains, "Lady Gaga - I was thinking of the type of song a contemporary musician would write so I started thinking about her. "I started thinking of how she would write the music to this song and got quite into being Lady Gaga in an odd way." The song's lyrics were written by White's bandmate Alison Mosshart, who he insists rivals Gaga for live performances. He gushes, "The lyrics are all from Alison, who was coming from a different direction. She is an incredible person to work with and you can't touch her on stage - she's one of the best frontpeople out there right now. "She attracts everyone's attention. I've never been in a band where everyone is just staring at the live singer. She captivates the girls and boys at the same time which is hard for a frontwoman to do because you run the risk of making a lot of girls hate you. But girls love her even more than the guys." Thanks for the report to Jam!Music.
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