Garbage Start Work On New Material

Band will be releasing songs, rather than albums in the future.

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According to Rolling Stone, Garbage have announced that they are working on new material, and that the songs will come out much quicker than their last album did. While this year's "Not Your Kind Of People" record was released after an eight year hiatus, the band have stated that they are adopting a different model for releasing music. As Shirley Manson said, the band will simply be releasing new songs as they are completed, rather than waiting for 12 songs to comprise a full release:

"The good thing now is we don't even need to think in terms of an album, so we're just thinking in terms of new music, which actually really works in our favor. Historically, we've worked slow because we've toured so much we go and spend a year making a record, then we go back out on the road. Now we realize we can do two or three tracks, release these tracks and then go on the road."

Drummer Butch Vig stated that the band would be doing some recording in January and February.

As we recently reported, Shirley Manson went on a Twitter rant at fans after a gig in Koln, Germany.

Manson also noted that releasing their music independently has also been a positive step for the band:

"There has been a certain cutting of the strings. That's a really powerful experience when you're creative people, to actually have the guts to not care anymore. It sounds really callous and to me, it's the complete opposite. It's being honest and authentic. That speaks to people and I think that's why we still enjoy a career where others have failed, 'cause we finally figured it out. I think we were a wee bit slow."

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    Interesting. Don't know if I'd prefer songs released periodically instead of an album, but it's certainly different.
    the music industry is changing this is a clear sign of it.AC/DC tool etc didn't want there songs on iTunes because it wasn't in album format. now we have artists not releasing albums just single songs for the iTunes market. there making money this way. so why not ?. but I prefer a good album..