Geoff Tate on Album Remix: 'It Was Lacking'

His new Queensryche record needed a remix after a reported backlash from fans who didn't like the sound of early samples - now Tate admits it wasn't working.

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Geoff Tate has explained why he had to remix his new Queensryche album "Frequency Unknown."

Some fans were unhappy with early preview samples of his album, but a remix with engineer Billy Sherwood was soon cancelled. Now it seems that Tate has gone ahead with a remix with someone else, and admits that his first mix wasn't good enough and needed a fix.

"We were a little rushed on the mixing end of it, so after listening to it back, we're having some of the songs remixed now before the album comes out. But that's typical with records - you have to have them in on time. So sometimes you compromise in areas," he explained on The Continental Breakfast radio show.

He continued: "Luckily, with this situation, we get to go back and correct some areas in the sound where we thought it was kind of lacking. So that's fine. I've done that on ... gosh ... probably three quarters of the records I've ever made. It's no new thing, but it's a luxury when you get to fix it."

"Frequency Unknown" is Tate's first album since being fired by the original Queensryche lineup last year. Along with 10 original tracks, it will feature four bonus re-recordings of classic Queensryche songs.

The original Queensryche are also working on a new album, replacing Tate with singer Todd La Torre, the studio effort is due to release as June 11 in the US.

Hear Tate's new single "Cold" which is out on April 23 here:

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    Just release all the stem tracks and let the fans have a go at mixing. Best one gets used and credited on the album. Great publicity for the low-level producer, and I'm sure out of all the people who'd enter, you'd get a few quality mixes.
    Thank God, cause im just dying to hear this and a better quality version of the songs....(sarcasm)
    Ok, just managed to listen to the whole album. The positive thing is, it's better than his latest solo album and Dedicated to Chaos. The bad thing is, pretty much anything is better than those albums, so it doesn't mean much. This album has a couple of decent ideas here and there, but overall fails miserably. The mixing is just bad, the playing is sloppy and plain most of the time, many phrases are completely out of place (particularly the guest solos, they sound just like Geoff asked them to play something without even caring if it would fit the song) and well, Geoff's vocals are processed as hell, as he can't sing properly anymore, but that was already known. Overall I'd say that yes, the album is quite bad, and most definitely sounds nothing like Queensryche in any sense, but it's still better than I thought it'd be, being an album hastily written, recorded and released in barely 3 months, by Geoff and a bunch of guys who had never played together before. Not that I care much about Queensryche's album on June, but it can't be worse than this one or what they have released over the last decade or more, so at least I know that when I give it a listen I won't feel like I've wasted an hour of my life like with this one.
    Geoffy... This is why you are not the real Queensryche, This is why your not Queensryche at all, Half assing things as always.... time to stop standing in the middle of the court pouting and let the real player's get on with the game!
    I think it's not only the album remix that's lacking... I'll listen to it before giving a judgement, but the couple of songs I've heard already are just plain bad (not that I expected any better).
    the whole album is above your post. ^
    Yes yes, I know, it's loading right now
    I'd personally rather listen to Nickelback. And I ****ing hate Nickelback. But I'm trying to give it a fair shot.
    "Cold" is a step up from the previous song I heard from Tate, but like Mahoru said, pretty much anything is. I'm not impressed by this nor will I be when it's remixed. There's far too little going on both with the choice of notes and the conveying of emotion. That said, this is a decent song and I guess I should at least say that it could be worse, though I know local bands that produce much better material than this.
    Man, GT and Slater both got screwed. GT especially. Must suck having to try and explain this crap in interviews. Well, I heard the "new" album yesterday and all I've gotta say is definitely get the original version that comes out next week because whoever ended up remixing this butchered half the songs on the album. There's horrible, unnecessary autotune on the vocals (almost makes La Torre's vocals on "Redemption" seem natural by comparison), keyboards buried in the mix, rhythm guitars buried anytime there is a lead, vocals sounding like they're isolated from the rest of the song - all kinds of assorted nonsense. The best sounding tracks are the single (already remixed by someone else) and "The Weight of the World" which wasn't remixed at all. The music itself on the entire album is amazing though so this whole situation is a real shame.
    Dude. I'm listening to the stream right now. The "auto tune" (or whatever pitch correction tool at work. Waves tune?) isn't "unncesseary". Geoff is off pitch, and therefore necessary. La Torre used it as an effect, not a pitch correction tool. I really would've liked Geoff to come up with a good record. There is potential though, as with Cold. I liked it, but there's too much filler and poor efforts to pass it off as a decent album.
    That solo is so oit of place. Geoff Tate can't write, and can't sing in the style that made him famous, nothing else to say. The REAL Queensryche album of 2013 comes out in June.
    UG news is pretty slow today. Not hating on this band at all whatsoever, just a general comment regarding all of today's stories. "I've done that on ... gosh ... probably three quarters of the records I've ever made. It's no new thing, but it's a luxury when you get to fix it." I mean, he literally says that this is not really a big deal.
    I like this song, Cold. Interested in hearing the finished product. Most likely will be his last Queensryche effort though. On the other hand, I watched some live footage of the other version of Queensryche and just found that something is missing there. Will be looking forward to hear what they have to offer up in June though.
    If Geoff had to rush the album to be done how come he now has time to remix it? Sounds like crap to me but thought the new single by QR was crap too. Just regurgitated stuff that in no way takes me back to early Queensryche.
    Never heard their music before abd hope to never hear it again. Even Nickelback can't be this boring.
    It's funny because in the late 80's Queensryche were viewed as one of the best metal bands in the world with the release of Operation Mindcrime. Empire was an awesome follow up as well but they went to shit after that. Check out those two albums though, both classics.
    They went to shit because of Geoff Tate. He would give the other members a set list of songs he would sing, and they had to go from there for concerts. Because he can't sing the old stuff anymore, they would have to change the tuning and tempo of the classics live to accommodate his failing vocals. Todd La Torre IS the new voice od Queensryche, and I am happy for it!