Geoff Tate Pulls Album Preview Offline?

A full stream of "Frequency Unknown" was pulled offline after only a few hours. Did the negative reaction scare his label into taking it away?

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A stream of Geoff Tate's new Queensryche album "Frequency Unknown" has been pulled offline only hours after being posted and being blasted by fans.

The stream was posted yesterday afternoon to Cleopatra Records' Soundcloud page, and appeared on several news_backup sites where commenters began sharing their feedback.

Now it looks like the negative reaction may have prompted the label to pull the album stream, because it went offline by midnight.

"Can't believe my ears how rushed this sounds. Underproduced seems to be the right word," said one listener on Blabbermouth.

Another said: "After the La Torre version of the band put out some strong samples I thought that Geoffrey would hire some kick a-- writers to write the Queensryche Record of the Century ... This does not sound like Queensryche at all."

Not everyone was against Tate's new music, with one commenter calling Tate's re-recordings of classic Queensryche songs "sublime."

Yesterday we reported on Tate admitting that the first "Frequency Unknown" album mix should have been better. "We were a little rushed on the mixing end of it, so after listening to it back, we're having some of the songs remixed now before the album comes out ... it was kind of lacking," he said.

The original Queensryche are still working on their Todd La Torre-fronted album, which is due later in the year.

See Tate's bombastic Queensryche preview video with the single "Cold" here:

YouTube preview picture

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    I'm somewhat embarassed to admit that I've never listened to Queensryche, but from reading all these articles over the last year it really seems like this Geoff Tate fella needs to call it a day...
    Frequency Unknown was much better than Kings and Thieves or Dedicated to Chaos, but that isn't saying much. After all, what album isn't better than Kings and Thieves or Dedicated to Chaos?
    Well, I like what I hear with this track, Cold. Just have to wait and see what gets put out.
    Fuck idunno, this is pretty good. Overall, the style is not quite my thing, but it's mixed well, has great guitar riffs. And he doesnt do the old 80's vox thing (which is the last time i paid any attention to them).
    why didnt he just go start a new band? i dont listen to queensryche, but i know i would hold james hetfield to a very high standard if he quit metallica and then started a new band called metallica. call it something else then you dont have to worry about the hardcore fans wanting a queensryche album
    I've been a fan of QR since the 80s and don't belong to "team Geoff" or "team La Torre." I'd support both bands if I like their music. So far neither come close to sounding as good as classic Ryche, but I think Geoff's version so far sounds as bad as the last few QR albums and the other line-up at least sounds better.
    That is what I don't get. Either one will ever be the Queensryche from back in the day. So, why hold onto the name. It already is tainted from their last releases. This will just drive it further into the ground. It is a contest at this point.
    Of course it's rushed! He just wanted to get his album out before LaTorre's. Honestly, the mix of the record is just as important as the actual material itself. Nothing ruins an album like a poor, rushed mix, and it seems like Tate really didn't even want to bother with that process... They should charge half-off for this half-ass album.
    Geoff... Its a little to ****ing late for that! A lot of people, myself included, have already listened to it. And take in mind this is a day and age where people torrent music. Its probably on the Pirate Bay right now. Are you going to try and have it taken off the billions upon billions of torrent sites? Geoff start using your goddamn head for more 5 seconds a day.
    You know, I wanted to support both acts, but more and more I read into this and see the actions taken by one man (Geoff) the more I am only going to support the original band members and LaTorre....So QR with LaTorre announce a new album and date first, then all of the sudden Tate throws his rag tag together and announces album coming out before his former band mates and he titles his album a big FU on it, Stay Classy Geoff! So yeah of course its a rushed halfA$$ed product....I saw Queensryche with LaTorre in march, and they looked like a re-energized band having fun again! Geoff needs to move on!