Geoff Tate's Queensryche Releases First New Song

"Cold" is the first single from new album.

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Geoff Tate-fronted version of Queensryche has released the first single from their upcoming album, Classic Rock magazine reports. The track, titled "Cold," is taken from the bands upcoming album, "Frequency Unknown," which is due for release on April 23rd.

Watch the lyric video for "Cold" below.

The albums track listing is as follows:

01. When Lightning Strikes 02. Running Backwards 03. Fallen 04. Life Without You 05. In The Hands Of God 06. Cold 07. The Weight Of The World 08. Slave 09. Dare 10. Everything Bonus tracks: (2013 versions) 11. Silent Lucidity 12. Empire 13. Jet City Woman 14. I Dont Believe In Love

The release of "Cold" comes after Queensryche with Todd La Torre released their first single, "Redemption", last month.

But which song do you prefer, and, perhaps more importantly, do you think that one sounds more like Queensryche than the other? Let us know in the comments.

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    It's not bad, but it has a lot more to do with something like Breaking Benjamin than it does Queensryche.
    The remix is quite a bit better than the iTunes sample. I like this song.
    Hopefully with less drama in both of the bands and something to inspire their music we can get two decent albums out of this.
    It actually sounds really good... surprisingly good! Maybe it's going to be a close battle after all!
    Face R1pper
    Yes, much better than Redemption. The vocals here are better and the composition is actually good. It reminds me of Empire, hopefully they have some songs that are similar to Warning/Mindcrime too.
    You will be disappointed I'm afraid.
    Face R1pper
    Yeah I figured that was expecting too much. It kind of sounds like Songs from the Sparkle Lounge with better vocals and better leads, which should make it worth listening to at least.
    Well, it was better than Redemption.
    Agreed. It just has a cooler overall vibe and flows better. I like that it has some heavy guitars but still manages to have a melodic chorus without getting into that poppy "let's hold hands and sing along" territory that "Redemption" does. Better guitar solo too. Kelly Gray in 2013 > Michael Wilton in 2013. Yeah, I said it.
    I don't mind the track but this band should not be using the Queensryche band name. Taime Downe and Brent Muscat had 2 versions of Faster Pussycat. Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis had/have 2 versions of LA Guns. Jack Russell and Mark Kendall had/have 2 versions of Great White. Now Queensryche have joined this ridiculous party. Get over it rock stars, drop the ego, if you're good enough then no matter what your band is called you will still have fans.
    Face R1pper
    Unfortunately that is not true, names matter alot. Think of how much less publicity people's solo projects and side projects get. How few people listen to Bruce Dickinson compared to Iron Maiden, and how few listen to Arch/Matheos compared to Fates Warning. I definitely agree with what you are saying, but that's not the way most people think.
    Good response. How far can you stretch a band name before it's not a considered the band anymore? Have any solo artists ever eclipsed the original band? I'm sure there's a few (arguments could be made for Ozzy and Sabbath) but it's the exception and not the rule. I consider Guns n Roses a joke. It's not the Gunners with out your flagship members. Yes, Axl was a 'poster boy' member but so was Slash etc. Or the current emerging scenario. Bon Jovi without Richie Sambora. Yes, the band is named after Johnny boy but him and Richie write bulk of the material. I guess there's no easy answer
    Which is sad, because Dickinson's solo material is still pretty good. Fortunately, that's one debate we aren't currently subjected to...
    Unimpressed. Some nice leads and usual Tate vocals. Was just listening to Mindcrime this afternoon and they will never be what they once were, even if they do try to hard to repeat the genius that was once QueensRhyche.
    Really boring song, reminds me of pandering radio rock. No backbone, no adrenaline, and the tempo is slow enough to fall asleep to. Poor Geoff Tate may have gotten a great band put together, but you can hear it's simply him writing all the music and lyrics.
    I didn't know Rudy Sarzo was in the band! He was one of my earlier influences. Good to see him playing.