Ghost B. C. Stream Single 'Monsterance Clocks'

Ghost BC are starting to live up to their hype with this excellent metal anthem from their forthcoming album "Infestissumam", due on April 16.

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Ghost BC have posted a stream of their new single "Monstrance Clocks", which you can hear in the player below.

It's the second song to be revealed from their new album "Infestissumam", after revealing the song "Year Zero" in March. The new track, however, is their first official single.

Ghost BC, who were formerly called Ghost but had to add the BC letters for legal reasons, have been much-hyped in recent months for their unusual brand of metal and striking ghost-like appearances. The band is completely anonymous, and refer to each other only as the Nameless Ghouls.

Some observers have been critical of Ghost BC for receiving more hype than they apparently deserve, but this song does a good job of showing they've got more than just fancy clothing to catch the attention of a modern metal crowd.

"Infestissumam" will be available for official release on April 16. The band recently had to push back the CD release because of difficulty finding a CD manufacturer who was happy to print their offensive artwork of a 16th century Christian orgy.

Stream "Monstrous Clocks" by Ghost BC here:

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    Ghost set out with the mission to be poppy and get radio hits, it was part of their tactic to spread "The Word" in a catchier, more digestible way. New song is awesome, can't wait to see them again
    I've always thought that if Ghost B.C. sung songs without the numerous satanic references they would be a great radio-act. This new song kind of proves that theory. I'd love to hear this song on the radio instead of the usual electro-pop and light-rock. Also, one of the sound waves kind of looks like a hand making the devil horns sign. Coincidence?
    they would never get played on US radio, the fundies already try to decipher shit backwards to find satanic messages, their heads would explode if it was presented in front of them.
    I really don't think there's anything special about these guys. They're not bad, I just don't get why everybody loves them so much. And yes, I have seen them live.
    Song is generic and nothing special. I liked the first album but this song isn't doing it for me. Hopefully the rest of the album will be better.
    They've been finishing their live sets with this and I can confirm it sounds much better live, but to be honest even then I, and everyone I was with, thought it sounded pretty weak. This recorded version has done nothing to reverse my opinion but hey Im still looking forward to the new album and have it pre-ordered and everything.
    Stupid costumes. Throw on jeans and a tshirt with the sleeves cut off and play. The costumes are ridiculous. Im actually pissed off right now.
    your head, please remove it from your arse. I'm glad they have the costumes, makes a lovely change of seeing every tee and jeans band out there, give me something extra along with their music, also it'd take something out of it live too.
    Loved their first album but this song does nothing for me. I bought tickets when they toured with Matodon/Opeth just to see them and they didn't dissapoint.
    Same here! And Opeth even surprised me by doing a couple of death vocal songs as the encore (I saw them with Katatonia as well, and it was all clean vocals and they even had an 'acoustic' set towards the middle. Brann Dailor pointed and waved at me from the tour bus before the show. I felt pretty special