Ghost B.C. Stream New Album in Full

The nameless ghouls in Ghost B.C. are streaming their new album "Infestissummam" in full. Does it live up to the hype?

Ultimate Guitar

Ghost B.C. are streaming their new album "Infestissummam" in full over at Pitchfork.

Once you've opened that link in a new tab to hear for yourselves, head back to the comments here and let us know if you think the band live up to all their recent hype.

Meanwhile, the Swedish band who were forced to change their name from "Ghost" in the US for legal reasons have sworn to always stick to their original name.

"B.C. is obviously a pun on 'Before Christ,' but it's just an amendment," said one of the nameless ghouls in an interview with Soundsblog (via Blabbermouth). "In our world, we're just gonna be called Ghost, and when we refer to our records, it's gonna be the Scandinavian version, saying Ghost only."

He continued: "We are never ever ever ever ever ever gonna call ourselves Ghost B.C. in any way. It's like saying 'I'm going out and buy a Ferrari STE' - you don't do that, you just say, 'I'm gonna buy a Ferrari.' The B.C. is silent, and as soon as we can, it's gonna be taken away forever."

In other Ghost B.C. news, they recently delayed the "Infestissummam" album release because CD manufacturers in the US were offended by drawings of a Christian orgy on the CD label.

Yesterday Ghost B.C. posted their new single "Monstrance Clocks" for streaming, which you can hear below.

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    I think these guys know their lyrics are silly, and that is the point. The fact that people get pissed off about it, when these guys aren't even serious adds to their appeal. Music is good, lyrics are silly, but good music is good music.
    Well, UG, if the band doesn't want to be called 'Ghost B.C.' then maybe stop calling them like that?
    Trying to avoid a TLR comment here but the sound is very interesting, especially the clever mirroring of the stereotypical mindless straightforward lyrics in christian music. Music's good; don't care for the band's image.
    Actually the image is interesting if they wanted it to mean something... Which apparently they don't...
    It's more original than the debut, but lacks it's quality IMO. A couple of very good tunes but also some average ones.
    I agree, its not a let down by any means, but it certainly isn't going to catapult them to stardom like so many had them tipped to do with this. Still a damn fine album and a million times better than anything I could do.
    the cd print company wasnt offended by the christian orgy, the main reason was the upside down cross with jesus... typical american... an orgy is passable, but jesus on an upside down cross... oh no!!
    I'm probably going to get a lot of shit for this, but I've always found openly Satanic imagery like this in music to be extremely immature and attention wh*re-ish, in a "hey guys let's see how many Christians we can shock with this stuff" way. Musically these guys are pretty good, but it's impossible to take their lyrics seriously.
    I think you have it all wrong man. These guys arent trying to be anarchic teens burning down churches and worshiping the bibles villain just to piss off the christian right. Its a show. The image they have of some late 60s early 70s satanic cult suits the music perfectly. The retro sound they have thats like a mix of the doors, blue oyster cult and black sabbath is just begging to be matched up with all of that hippy occultism imagery. TL;DR Ghost are about as satanic and offensive as the rocky horror show
    I don't think the intention was for anyone to take the lyrics seriously. Nor was the intention to shock christians. Its all for a bit of fun, relax.
    As much as I like their music, I do agree with that, no matter what their purpose is for why they do it.
    IT'S GHOST FOR SATAN'S SAKE, NOT GHOST "B.C" stop forcing that shit. With that said, I found this album weaker than Opus Eponymous, a few good songs but sadly and you can compare it with the first album, they went with an excessively mainstream approach. I couldn't get that eerie atmosphere that made their debut so special
    The "B.C. is silent" just made my week the intro to that album sounds just like a Catholic chant.