Glue Gun Return After Hiatus

Glue Gun are back together once again and will celebrate their 20th anniversary.

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0 is reporting that California cult punk band Glue Gun are back together once again and will celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Glue Gun announced on their website that they will be heading into the studio this summer to record new material for an anthology due out this fall.

The reunion lineup features "The Scene Is Not for Sale" lineup, consisting of Bob Oedy (vocals), Jeff Roberts (guitar), George Snow (also on guitar), John North (bass) and Jody Kern (drums).

Formed in 1991 by former The Grim singer Bob Oedy, Glue Gun made their first appearance on the long-out of print "Welcome To Califucknia" compilation released by Signal Sound Systems Records in 1992 and was soon signed to the independent label Posh Boy Records.

After gaining support slots with such acts as NOFX, The Offspring, The Vandals, Unwritten Law, U.S. Bombs and Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn, Glue Gun achieved a small amount of success in Los Angeles as the band started to gather a following. The band's first full-length album, titled "Just Gl It", was released in 1994, and their final album, "The Scene Is Not for Sale", in 1995.

In 2005, a new incarnation of Glue Gun (featuring some former members of Jughead's Revenge) decided to get back together and perform some live shows, but eventually they made it clear that it was not going to be a permanent reunion, and disbanded once again before the end of 2006.

By the time they broke up, Glue Gun had posted new material on their MySpace (read story on UG) and were working on a comeback album, which was eventually scrapped.

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