GN'R Album Update: 'A Lot of New Stuff Is Ready to Come Out'

"It's gonna happen, I just don't have an actual date yet," says Dizzy Reed.

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Guns N' Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed shared a brief update on the band's new album progress, saying that things are definitely happening.

Asked by Rock Revival on whether the fresh record's coming any time soon, Dizzy replied:

"That's the plan, although we haven't really discussed it for a while. There's a lot of stuff people need to hear that's ready to come out. It's gonna happen, I just don't have an actual date for you yet. My fingers are crossed, but they're getting a little bit looser. I think it'll be happening soon."

In other album updates, frontman Axl Rose has confirmed that the group already has two albums worth of unreleased material.

"We recorded a lot of things before 'Chinese [Democracy]' was out," he told the Revolver Magazine. "We've worked more on some of those things and we’ve written a few new things. But basically, we have what I call kind of the second half of 'Chinese.'

"That's already recorded. And then we have a remix album made of the songs from Chinese. That's been done for a while, too."

As the band's latest album, "Chinese Democracy," saw its release in November 2008 via Geffen Records.

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    I do wish they'd release something. Like it or not they're all great musicians. Yeah they're not the classic line up but they can still put out something good.
    Yeah, it's great you have stuff, would be better if you were to release it....
    I dont want to hear this shit anymore about the new album .I wish they would stop saying this shit they have been saying this for over 3 years now . The next post should be a release date or nothing at all
    "Asked by Rock Revival on whether the fresh record's coming any time soon, Dizzy replied" It's an interview, he only answered the question. It's not their fault people keep asking the same questions even though they all know the answers.
    Well, luckily for GNR, we live in a day and age of instant dissemination, so they can upload all these anticipated gems (and believe you me, they are gems) to various places like iTunes, Spotify or YouTube this very evening, so that we may enjoy wonderful new music all weekend long. Thank the heavens we are no longer held back by the old restraints of scheduled physical music storage reproduction, and distribution, and waiting in an actual line with other music aficionados.
    I'll probably stumble across this article in 2024, laugh, and then wonder how long until it's released.
    DJ ASHBA?? Which guitarist even calls himself a DJ?
    Second half of Chinese? So its bloated, unnecessarily overly complicated, pop rock ballad fluff. No thanks. I love these updates from the hired guns. They have zero say in anything GNR, yet they act like they're running the ship. Even if Axhole said new stuff is coming out, I don't believe it because Axhole is mentally ill and cannot be relied on.
    Just wake me up when it's released. The teasing of a new album or the attempts to get us excited is falling flat. Either release the album or don't bother, I'm not too bothered.
    I like CD, but it was a commercial flop due to a total lack of marketing. How could it be a new album if they use material before 2008? Axl and co. are making a ton of dough from touring and their Vegas gig, there is no incentive for them to make a new album.