GN'R Might Release New Music Next Year, Guitarist Richard Fortus Explains

"Hopefully very soon we're going to have new stuff out," Fortus adds.

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Guns N' Roses guitarist Richard Fortus recently gave a progress update on the band's new material, sharing expectations to deliver fresh tunes in 2015.

"We are working on stuff and hopefully very soon we're going to have new stuff out," Fortus told Associated Press at this year's Revolver Golden Gods Awards. "Well, in the next year."

The guitarist continued (via Blabbermouth), "We're going to be in Vegas all together [for next month's second residency at the Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel and Casino], so hopefully during that time we're going to be able to get in a room and start laying down some more stuff."

Switching to the matter of frontman Axl Rose's unique style, Fortus described the vocalist's singing as "a cathartic experience."

"He's exorcising demons, it will blow your eardrums clear out of your head."

Check out some of that cathartic, demon-exorcising, eardrum-blowing stuff below.

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    I like Fortus, he's a good guitarist and it's a shame Axl has him relegated to rhythm guitar even though he's miles better than Dj Swagba.
    He plays lead on some stuff, its not always ashba and bumblefoot. The Guys is Extremely talented, also played with Thin Lizzy!
    Bumblefoot is better than both of them though
    Both Richard and Thal are very talented musicians for sure. Thal has a very unique style that I'm not the biggest fan of, but he is very capable of different things too(as any musician should be). Personally I prefer Richard over Thal just as a preference. I think if you did a speed and technical test on the two though Thal would for sure win.
    "He's exorcising demons, it will blow your eardrums clear out of your head." Yes but not in a good way at all. And my days that video is painful to watch
    It's painful to listen to because the person doing the recording has purposely distorted and doctored the sound to replicate being out of tune. If it were out of tune for real like displayed here the crowd would run them off the stage. Instead, the crowd is digging it as if it were a cut from the splendid Chinese Democracy.
    Oh come on, as if you've never started a song only to find your guitar is out of tune.
    Exactly. One bad performance and everyone is using as proof that their "New GNR sucks" bandwagon is 100% right.
    Yeah. He was probably relying on his guitar tech to tune it for him (because we all know big rich rock stars don't have time to tune their own instruments) I actually watched some other recent GNR live videos and was pleasantly surprised by them. Bumblefoot in particular amazes me,
    Hopefully the new stuff is decent. Anyways, something about having Duff back in the mix makes this GnR version a lil more legit. Just cool to see him back having a blast. Too bad it was just for a few shows I really enjoyed watching him play those songs again.
    Nice how Bumblefoot played the second half of the solo, yet all the cameras seemed to catch was him hitting the last note and rolling off the volume knob. Great work, camera crew!
    Van Guff
    I got all of 0:58 seconds in before I had to stop. If I was Ashba, I'd be embarrassed! But then again, what do you expect from GN'R nowadays.
    It sounds so out of tune, what the f*ck?! That's the kind of sound you imagine when you think of a new guitar player comically failing a simple song, not a rock star in one of the biggest bands in the world!
    No way they are that out of tune....don't fall for the was recorded on a phone in an uncontrolled environment...there are a number of reasons why it could sound this way without being out of tune...
    1) This is clearly not recorded on a phone. 2) What the hell is an 'uncontrolled environment' and why would that effect pitch? 3) It's just plain obvious the guitar is out of tune.
    It was out of tune. Ashba changes guitars later on.
    Uncontrolled- not from the mixing board...not in the studio...mic located in a crowd etc. guitarist change guitars all the time when not a tuning issue...yes, even in the middle of a song...haters will hate and not be logical...I'm moving on....yeah, I know you'll say something else illogical now...
    It was recorded on a phone? Really? Someone was able to get footage like that on a phone? Wow, and here I thought that the Golden Gods would be able to afford some decent cameras.
    Do your youtube research!!!! Other clearer versions have the guitar way out of tune hence why he swapped it asap. Ashba may lack feel but he can play well.
    It's like they are doing these bad performances on purpose..out of tune guitars and all..
    I'm completely on board with the new lineup being called Guns N' Roses. I love Chinese Democracy. I'm reaaaally not okay with DJ Ashba at all. 1. I think there should be only one GN'R guitarist with a top hat. 2. DJ does the SAME "I can't hear you!" hand gesture when playing Welcome to the Jungle in EVERY concert. 3. This makes me see him as a performer, not as a musician. 4. Duff McKagan is amazing and his autobiography is one of the most inspirational things I've read.
    1. Ashba's been wearing the hat for years. Check out the Sixx AM gig from 2008 ( before he joined GnR) 2. Doesn't every musician do this or a variation of this at every gig?? 3. Performance is a big part of playing live music I feel. 4. I definitely need to read that. Loved Slash's
    Guns N' Chains
    Ashba sounds so out of tune especially at the beginning/intro. I don't get the hype about the guy at all. Nothing but a Slash wannabe that fails miserably, imo. Axl doesn't sound great here either. Watch some newer videos of him from over the recent years. On some he sounds killer, others he flat out sucks. I think he has either very good nights or very poor nights.
    If he would just pace himself and stop playing shows when his voice is clearly shot, I bet he would sound WAY better.
    People need to give Ashba a break. They were probably on a timed schedule and so he didn't want to have to stop to switch guitars. If you notice, he changed it after he hears how out of tune it is.
    I get what you're saying but, they've got 3 guitar players now. One of them could have easily taken over while Ashba ran to change guitars.
    Guns N' Chains
    As a GN'R fan, something about "timed schedule" and Guns N' Roses..... just doesn't seem like they should be used in the same sentence.
    A professional guitarist would have made sure the guitar was in tune before he even walked on stage. Or his guitat tech. One of the two.
    It should have been the tech's job. Simple task; stand at the side of stage and maintain the instruments, ensuring replacements and correctly tuned guitars are available for the appropriate songs. It really isn't that hard - it's one of the aspects of my job and I have worked for "smaller" bands that GN'R.
    Hahaha I love when one of the hired guns makes a statement like this. There will never be any more original music from GNR, and by original I mean Axl because the other 12 guys are just hired guns so who cares if they record music under the GNR name.
    1) Might? There's a greater chance of the Beatles releasing new music then Guns N' Roses and two of the Beatles are dead. 2) Guns N' Roses hasn't been Guns N' Roses since the Spaghetti Incident era lineup. 3) We should refer to the current line-up of Guns N' Roses as "Axl and his hired sidemen."
    Well, even a cover is better than the [b]sh*t in the video...And that's the sad true ._.
    I just wish they would make a new lp already.Put 2 albums out like you did with u.y.i. and be done with it quit bullshiting
    What a joke! Why to people still follow this band? Enjoy the 1st couple of records they made and be done with it.
    Now I'm waiting for the Axl Rose fire's all of Guns N' Roses. New lineup to produce new music.
    Damn... yea Ashba must not have had a good night that night.. that intro was bad.... usually ashba is really good. but the intro guitar part yea it seemed off key or out of tune..
    axls sounds like hes constipated in every show as of late. But seriously, how many guitarists does GnR have now?