Godsmack Officially Begins Recording New Album

Sully Erna revealed news via Twitter.

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Godsmack has officially entered the studio to begin recording its sixth album for a late 2014 release. The group's frontman, Sully Erna, tweeted earlier today: "Pre-production is finally over! We've officially started recording the new album! And it is going to be one badass record! Just sayin'..."

He added: "Off to the studio! Vocals start today. Rock and toll better watch out. 'Cuz here we come! AGAIN."

Godsmack's follow-up to 2010's "The Oracle" is once again being helmed by Dave Fortman, how previously worked with Slipknot and Evanescence, among others.

Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin recently said about the band's forthcoming CD: "So many cool new tunes that I can tell ya it's gonna be hard to narrow these down to the best ones! I know it's been awhile since you've heard from us, but we will make it worth your wait!"

With 20 Top 10 hits on the rock radio charts in 16 years, Erna told the Pulse of Radio a while back that he's proud of Godsmack's track record. "You know, it is nice to know that we're creating stuff that's just kind of living on and that does really well in the active rock stations and the hard rock world and that kind of stuff," he said. "So we're in that middle ground. We're not quite as poppy as like Aerosmith, but yet we're not as dark and metal as, you know, the Slipknots or the Metallicas or whatever. So we're kind of like that in-between band."

Erna spent the last few years pursuing projects outside the band, including the release of his first solo album, "Avalon", as well as a starring role in a new horror film called "Army of the Damned," now out on DVD.

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    He added: "Off to the studio! Vocals start today. Rock and toll better watch out. 'Cuz here we come! AGAIN." Watch out Rock and toll!
    Say what you want (I'm not a particular fan) but this song has got groove.
    Love this song but it does sound like they're channelling a mix between Dirt-era Alice in Chains and Black Album Metallica. Especially the 'Hey!' and 'You!' at the start of each verse - Sad But True!!!
    Godsmack routinely receives more hate than they deserve. Not everything they've released has been gold, but when they're good they're really good. Love-Hate-Sex-Pain, The Enemy, Serenity, Re-Align, Awake, Spiral, and Voodoo are all great songs, and even if it isn't the most technical, Vampires is a decent instrumental. They put together a kickass live show and it's worth going just to see Sully and Shannon battle with drums.
    Every band routinely receives more hate than they deserve over the Internet. Sad but true.
    I like Love-Hate-Sex-Pain but it is kind of a rip off of an older Alice in Chains song. It was on Facelift and I can't remember the name but the phrase "Love sex pain confusion suffering" is in it.
    I think the song you're talking about is called Love,Hate,Love from Facelift.
    that would not be the song he is talking about....he is speaking of the song Confusion.
    you are right, and I actually just posted something pretty much the same thing in more detail lol On the other hand, one disagreement on the songs....Listen to The Enemy and Bad Religion back to back. Songs sounding too similar has been one of my problems with the band. Vampires I also found to sound amazing.....Spiral too, and the whole Faceless album, with the exception of a couple songs, separated itself musically from being too similar.
    Another case of a band that is cool to hate. Everybody says they cant stand Godsmack, but their concerts sell out around the world. Things just dont add up.
    Actually it will be interesting to hear something new from them.
    If a band changes their sound, people complain. If the band sticks with a similar formula for their music, people complain. Can't please everyone -_- I'm excited for the album
    Saw them open for Metallica in London in '03. Repetitiveness and simplicity notwithstanding, I've had a soft spot for them ever since. Tony needs to ease up on the wah, though.
    Tony is straight out of the Kirk Hammett school of thought as far as solos go. Pentatonic scale + wah and BOOM!! You've got almost every Godsmack solo. But, I liked some of the stuff he wrote on IV because it had that southern flare thrown in, it made the guitar more interesting to listen to rather than Tony's usual solos and he didn't rely on the wah as much.
    Not a big fan... But Cryin' Like A Bitch is one badass song to perform
    I can't wait to hear all those incredible guitar solos!
    Where have these guys been the last 10 years? Do they work regular day jobs or something? Never understand how they suddenly get together out of nowhere and start recording again.
    Let me guess: C|0--0-5-0-3-0---0-0---0-0- G|0--0-5-0-3-0---0-0---0-0- C|0--0-5-0-3-0---0-0---0-0- These guys are SO TERRIBLE.
    A badass guitar riff doesn't have to be complicated... It's a shame you went to all that effort to type up a tab for no reason.
    Second Rate
    Yeah, except that's not what he said. They've been reusing that above tabbed riff over and over again since their first album was released. These guys haven't written a riff in 16 years. You're right, a good riff doesn't have to be complicated, but if you repeat yourself to the degree that these guys do... you're a talentless hack. For a guy that displays as much arrogance as Sully Erna, he sure doesn't have the compositional prowess to go along with it.
    There is a ton of talent in the band, but that formula should have stuck to Bad Religion, but made it's way to quite a few songs that sound right like it, with minor changes. I think Godsmack needs to stick to the old style but try to expand on it, rather than having so many songs sound identical. The whole second album, except 2 songs was the perfect example of repetitiveness. I bought it right when it came out, because I enjoyed there first album immensely. I listened to it.....It went kind of like this....Great song and then hey this all sounds alike. In the end, the only song I still really listen to on it is Spirals. Faceless, besides the first album, was the only album that had any staying power for me.
    These guys were the first band to get me into heavy music as I first heard them on the Prince of Persia soundtrack. Even if their songs are pretty simple, they ****in rock and their live shows are bombastic, I'm looking forward to this.
    Godsmack is a great band live. They really give you your money's worth. Just because it's simple doesn't make it bad, look at ACDC minus the solos, however Tony Rombola does have a few decently challenging solos. Even if they aren't hard, they still sound good. Everyone loves to hate them but they've definitely got some good tunes.
    Godsmack is what got me to first pick up the guitar. The songs are great for first timers.
    Fire up Pro Tools, file, save as. Boom. Done.
    Have you ever used pro tools? If your going to do anything quality, there is a ton of compatible programs you better have, and to actually make something quality it is not that simple.
    I just can't imagine anyone caring about this band anymore. Then again, I couldn't understand why anyone cared 15 years ago either.
    Plenty of people care. They were pretty good with the first few albums. IV sucked and The Oracle was a let down but I don't understand why you'd come here to shit talk if you don't care.
    a drummer
    I thought the Oracle was decent. But i'm one of those people that do still care. I've always had a sweet spot for the self-titled and Awake, and have always appreciated Sully Erna's talent. He pretty much wrote and performed everything on the self-titled, and that's awesome in my book
    Plenty of people care. They were pretty good with the first few albums. IV sucked and The Oracle was a let down but I don't understand why you'd come here to shit talk if you don't care.
    You have obviously never seen them live. I've literally grown up listening to this band. The Oracle wasn't their best album, but it was good nonetheless. I'm excited for the new album
    This is one of them deals where I don't know whether to be excited or go blah. Godsmack has been pretty inconsistent over the years, in my opinions. Too many of their songs have sounded the same, and of late have been bad. On another note they have a ton of great songs, and to me Faceless was as nearly perfect as an album can get. Hears to hoping they put out something great.
    Never got huge into this band, but I really like their acoustic album. Otherside I think it's called? Either way, I wish they did more of that.
    Faceless was the album that I gave up on them with. It's interesting how that seems to be the favorite. I actually like how a band can have such a consistent sound and yet solicit such a wide variety of opinions from their audience.