Gojira Aiming to Release Their Best Album to Date: 'I Think We Can Really Do It'

Band hope next release will be stronger of their career.

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Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier has been talking with AMH TV (via Blabbermouth) about the songwriting sessions for the band’s new album.

As Duplantier notes, the band is planning to write the strongest album of their career:

"Right now we're writing some new stuff. We spent two months before this tour, actually, composing new stuff, composing new songs. And we feel very optimistic [about] the future, and we're already enjoying a lot the new stuff. We want to make the strongest album we can do. I mean, all the bands always say they try to make the strongest album, but this time, I think we will really do it."

The record will be the follow-up to L’Enfant Sauvage, Gojira’s critically acclaimed 2012 album that was released on Roadrunner Records.

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    If its just on par with their last 3 records it'll be too good anyway. Don't stress Mario, have a mushroom.
    Hahaha yeah these guys are UNREAL. Heaviest matter in the universe is quite possibly the heaviest song ever...maybe heavier than meshuggah *gasp*...well maybe
    Yama's Messengers, The Art of Dying, Vacuity and In The Wilderness are all heaveir in my opinion.
    In the Wilderness is SO heavy. The part where he is screaming "carved by the wind, and the fall of water, from the treetops, I can see the end of a time!!!" is so intense that I nearly dismantle my steering wheel every time I listen to it when driving.
    Have a mushroom? Oh, it's because his name is Mario, right. Like the video game character... Brilliant joke there, mate..
    I actually wasn't too hot on L'Enfant Sauvage. I still feel like these guys have too much evolution left to them to stick with a sound too long. Every album up till then sounded just a little different from the last, a little cleaner, a little more complex, a little more brutal at times, and they kind of just plateaued.
    L'Enfant Sauvage grew on me. I probably felt similar to you when I first listened to it, but now I'm a big fan of the album. It's a little more trance inducing than their other stuff.
    I hope for a new From Mars To Sirius, even if their music has gone beyond this, especially with L'Enfant Sauvage. And if they could have time for the Sea Sheperd EP and re-recording the Maciste All'Inferno EP, it'd be perfect.
    I heard that the songs they had for the Sea Shephard EP were all finished and recorded and then they accidentally deleted it or their computer crashed. So the songs are all gone, but I suppose that they could simply re-record the songs. I really liked the song "Of Blood and Salt". That at least made it out on the internet before being erased.