Goldfinger Delay New Album

artist: Goldfinger date: 04/16/2007 category: new releases
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According to a blog posted by guitarist Charlie Paulson, Goldfinger have delayed the release of their SideOneDummy debut and will not be performing on this year's Warped Tour. Aside from other band members working on various projects, vocalist John Feldmann needed further time to recover from a knee injury and has been at the side of his son, who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his leg: "that's about the time when we got hit by a landslide of bullshit & bad news...most of which fell on my good friend mr. feldmann. first his doctor told him he needed to take some time off the road. we did a short west coast tour last year at which time john tore his knee up really bad. he had surgery & started to heal when, against medical advice we went over to the u.k. where he ripped it open again (see what this man will do to entertain you fuckers?). so this time he's gotta stay put for real & heal or there will be no more diving off of thirty foot speaker stacks onto your heads. as if that wasn't bad enough, his (not even one year old) son had what looked to be a cancerous tumor in his little leg. we all prayed & held our breath while the doctors went to work. i don't know if i believe in god but julian got to see his his first birthday cancer free so maybe someone up there was listening" The band plans to release the album early next year, but will be releasing a 2-song live EP via iTunes in the near future. Thanks to for providing this information.
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