Green Day Announce New Documentary

"¡Quatro!" set for release next week.

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Green Day has announced that a new documentary about the band will be screening on VH1 next week. The film, entitled "¡Quatro!" will follow the making of the band's recent trilogy of albums "Uno!", "Dos!" and "Tre!", as well as featuring footage from recent US shows. In a statement, the band's bassist Mike Dirnt said of the film: "¡Quatro! brings our fans one step closer by giving them even more access and revealing what it was like for us to make these records."

The press release makes it unclear as to the extent with which the film will address the recent controversies surrounding Green Day, and in particular their front man, Billie Joe Armstrong. Billie Joe recently went to rehab after suffering an onstage meltdown, which has led the band to cancel many of their scheduled promotional appearances as well as upcoming tour dates. It is as yet unclear when Armstrong will be out of rehab and when the band will resume playing live.

"¡Quatro!" airs at midnight on November 28th on VH1.

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    In case anyone is curious as to who that person is on the cover. It's Jason White, a touring guitarist/additional member who has worked with the band since 1994.
    In case anyone is else is also wondering, this isn't news. The documentary was announced several weeks after Uno, Dos, and Tre, as a bonus for purchasing the three album box-set; although it's release date is still unknown. This also isn't going to be the full documentary, only several scenes are going to be shown on TV for about an hour. UG, try to get the full story next time!
    Ok, you don't need to be a douche about it. Not everyone reads the news everyday.
    Aren't thay also making a documentary about the early years of Green Day too?
    Thank God he's getting some recognition, he has been playing Billie Joe's guitar parts live since forever. Billie just carries a guitar on stage so he can have a dance prop.
    ya on the inside cover of the album it has four people and I thought "god they can't be releasing 4 albums" I thought they were just giving white credit where credits due.
    Mike Quall
    now i know how to count to four in spanish
    Funny thing that they mixed up spannish with portuguese. Four in spannish is spelled cuatro, it's spelled quatro in potuguese.
    **** that offspring taught me to count to 6 in spanish with pretty fly for a white guy, long ago! uno dos tres quatro sinco sinco seis!
    Okay, Uno and Dos are Spanish.. Fine.. Tr should be Trs, but they changed it for the drummer's name. Fine. But Quatro? You can't just switch to Portuguese for no good reason! Don't ask me why, but it pisses me off to no end. I'm really just not sure why...
    Like ismeri said, "Cautro" is Spanish. "Quatro" is Portuguese. Learn a language before you call me out.
    Youre right! I take it back. And regarding the album title, I think its because "Quatro" is visually more interesting and straightforward than "Cuatro" I think.
    ...Quatro is Spanish...
    'Quatro' is most definitely Portugese. It would have been spelled 'cuatro' if it was Spanish.
    It was a joke... y'all are so uptight and serious. It confused me too as to why they chose Quatro over cuatro. But you have to think of the fact that he was the fourth member of Green Day, making them a Quartet, along with being in Pinhead Gunpowder. So putting it with a Q to exemplify the Quartet, does seem more fitting.
    Why would anyone want to see a documentary about people ripping off and watering down a once flourishing genre?
    I dont know if i believe the stuff about him being in Rehab, it just seems like the sort of shit youd come to expect. dont get me wrong,i love Green Day, im just very skeptical about all this. the documentary is probably boring and uninteresting, so what better way to spice it up than to have your singer have a meltdown and check into rehab? i dont know, maybe Im just being an ass, but it all seems very fishy... anyhow ill still gladly buy Tre and probably watch this as well. Sincerely, very mixed feelings.
    Alan Archer
    It doesn't make sense that it'd be a publicity stunt. Just look at the album sales for both albums. Without them being on the road to tour and other promotional public appearances they are suffering bad sales. Why would the label fake it if it doesn't help their sales?
    I'm a pretty skeptical person too, but since the rehab thing happened after they made the albums,and what Alan Archer said, I don't think it was a publicity stunt nor a way to spice up the documentary. However, if there's a huge section of the breakdown on Quatro, then I might mistake my room for a fish market.
    I really wonder if BJ's stint in rehab will make him realise that these new albums sound like sorry b-sides from the better fact it wouldn't surprise me if half of Uno/Dos/Tre were songs set to be on Cigarettes & Valentines...
    sorry, i dont mean its fake. i just mean i think its not as bad as theyre making it sound.
    The cancelled an entire tour, postponed another, and have done almost zero promotion for their remaining 2 albums. Why flying **** do you think it's not "that bad".
    I was the biggest greenday fan beween 1994-1999, they changed so much i couldnt listen to it anymore. Nimrod was like diahhrea and constipation together. My friends call me mr analogy.
    Nimrod was released in 97 bro.. And they really haven't changed that much at all
    so your saying 1039 hours from 1990 or whatever it was is not much different than their new sh!t? Thats rediculous. Are you even old enough to say you listened to them in the early 90s?
    Nimrod was actually pretty good although there were a lot of weird songs on it. And when people say Green Day haven't changed much, that can be argued. For example almost all of the songs are just fast songs made up of power chords with a catchy melody. However, their early stuff was much more raw because they didn't have a lot of money and most of the songs are just one or two guitar tracks, one drum track, one bass track, one track for vocals and one track for backup vocals. Which makes it sound different than their newer stuff which is has a better recording quality.