Green Day: 'Quatro!' Airs Tomorrow

Green Day's documentary premieres on November 28th.

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Last week, a new Green Day documentary, entitled "¡Quatro!", was set to be airing on television in the near future. Now, we can confirm that the film will go out at midnight tomorrow night on VH1, as well as airing on MTV2 and Palladia in the coming weeks.

Bassist Mike Dirnt has issued the following statement about the film:

"Over the last year while we were recording our trilogy, we posted multiple clips every week so fans can see parts of the recording process of ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!. ¡Quatro! brings our fans one step closer by giving them even more access and revealing what it was like for us to make these records."

There is no word yet as to what extent the film will feature details of front man Billie Joe Armstrong's recent admission into rehab, which has led to the cancellation of many of the band's scheduled tour dates.

Full air dates for the film are as follows:

11/28 - VH1 - Midnight 11/30 - MTV2 - During 120 Minutes 11/30 - Palladia - 9PM & 12AM 12/01 - Palladia - 5PM 12/03 - Palladia - 1PM 12/04 - Palladia - 1AM 12/06 - Palladia - 8PM 12/08 - Palladia - 5PM 12/11 - Palladia - 3PM & 10PM 12/13 - Palladia - 6PM 12/17 - Palladia - 12AM 12/22 - Palladia - 10AM

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    I hope there's footage of those secret shows last year !!!
    YOu got your wish. They showed the Tiki Bar shows in Oakland, I believe, and GD were freaking out because eveyone wanted them to play old hits like Christine road. They did play Hitchin' a Ride after pressure from their fans
    Maybe now that Jason is an official member, he can have a better outfit and better stage presence xD i mean he shreds, but he's been kinda boring on stage... he looks like a session musician.
    Well, he's a straight up guitarist. He has some moves but he isn't in the spotlight a lot so there's no need for showing off.
    I think he's amazing onstage. He's on the albums if you didn't know. He's in the left channel I believe. I still can't play that crazy solo from Let Yourself Go and I'm having trying to learn that monster of a solo on F*ck Time. I just can't figure out the trick yet. I'll get there eventually!
    It was in (can't remember which) but one of the guitar magazines... may have been Total Guitar, but an interview with Billie Joe, and it was him who played all the solos on this trilogy, as well as the cleaner rhythm guitar; Jason just played the dirtier rhythm stuff, this time round.
    If I recall properly, he's on these new albums only (the trilogy). I think Billie used to record all guitar parts in past albums.
    It's actually billie who plays all the solos. Jason is just a rhythm guitarist. At least all the fast solos, like let yourself go, loss of control etc. etc
    People complain about Jason becoming an (official member) saying he's not puck enough, i mean hell, he's been touring with them since 1999 and has recorded on all the albums since then, so why the hell not? lol
    Alan Archer
    What are you talking about? This trilogy stuff is the first time Jason has directly been involved in the recording process. He was never involved in the recording session of AI and 21st CB.
    Yeah, a documentary about 3 of the worst albums in recent history. Out of all the albums that deserve documentaries, it's a shame this disaster is the one making it to film.
    Alan Archer
    Nah man. UNO and DOS were way better than Warning, AI and 21st CB. In fact, I would argue that DOS is up there with some of there best albums.
    To be honest i think they lost everything on these albums. It became Regulare boring pop punk with a lot of cheesines (in my openion). I think that even their B-side Cd was better than these albums.. But hey, i will wait and see if Tre is better
    You haven't heard iTre! yet dipshit! It ain't out yet. You can say whatever you want when it comes out on December 11th. Mark your calendar assh*le!
    Going by how dreadful their last two releases were, it's a given that this album is not going to be a masterpiece. In the odd chance that it is... I will eat a small child.
    Well I hope you have kids or nephews or something and some salt because you sir will eat that kid and your words!
    Kinda stupid airing it when people paid for the "exclusive" documentary that comes with the Exclusive box set. Now people are going to see it...for free...before it's released. Fucking Warner.