Green Day Unveils ¡Uno! Tracklist

artist: Green Day date: 06/27/2012 category: upcoming releases

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Green Day Unveils ¡Uno! Tracklist
Green Day's tracklisting for "¡Uno!" - the first album in a three-part trilogy - has been officially announced. "¡Uno!" is due on September 25, with "¡Dos!" to follow on November 13 and "¡Tré!" coming January 15, 2013. Green Day will release "Oh Love", the first single from "¡Uno!", on July 16. The track will impact radio and be available through digital retailers that day. In the meantime, "¡Uno!" is available for pre-order at now. The tracklist is as follows: 01. Nuclear Family 02. Stay The Night 03. Carpe Diem 04. Let Yourself Go 05. Kill The DJ 06. Fell For You 07. Loss Of Control 08. Troublemaker 09. Angel Blue 10. Sweet 16 11. Rusty James 12. Oh Love Additionally, Billie Joe Armstrong tweeted a picture of the band members holding the covers for all three albums with their respective faces on them, which can be seen below:
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