Guitarist Jim Root Skipping Stone Sour Tour to Focus on New Slipknot Album

Christian Martucci announced as temporary replacement.

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Slipknot/Stone Sour axeman Jim Root will be skipping the Sour's upcoming tour dates to focus on the new Slipknot studio record. According to the official Facebook announcement, the decision comes as the closest thing to win-win situation. As for the temporary vacant spot, Christian Martucci was confirmed as the fill-in guitarist. "With an impending Slipknot album on the horizon, Jim will not be touring with Stone Sour this winter," the announcement reads. "Everyone involved is okay with the decision and our mutual friend Christian Martucci will be filling in on guitar. It was a difficult decision, but as the fans have wanted another Stone Sour tour and Jim had responsibilities to the writing process with Slipknot, we feel this is the best decision where everyone wins." When it comes to the new Slipknot effort, the band confirmed plans to enter studio in January and hopefully have the record released during summer of 2014. "It's really dark, there's some really good esoteric stuff to it, a lot of good melody without taking away from the heaviness," singer Corey Taylor told Blairing Out Show about the new material. "It's gonna be pretty rad," he added, describing the tunes as "'Vol. 3' meets 'Iowa.'" The latest Slipknot studio effort, "All Hope Is Gone," saw its release in August 2008 through Roadrunner Records. Stone Sour unleashed the second part of their "House of Gold and Bones" album on April 9, also through Roadrunner.

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    Completely off topic, but the fact that whoever took that screenshot is using Facebook in pirate made my day!
    "It's really dark, there's some really good esoteric stuff to it, a lot of good melody without taking away from the heaviness" This was all I asked for, my body is ready.
    Honestly don't get why Joey and Corey are touring with other projects when they've both said they want to concentrate on Slipknot. Least Jim has the right idea
    I don't understand why Jim is skipping the tour to concentrate on writing but Corey isn't? I would have though Corey was as big of a part in the song writing as the others.
    From what I've seen in documentaries he can write lyrics at the snap of his fingers. I'm not sure about structuring etc.
    That's true! Oh well, I suppose it's for the greater good. I'm really interested to see what the new Slipknot album will be like without Paul Grey.
    I think that Corey can write his lyrics while he's touring. then if the guys have built any ideas or something , they'll record it with their computer as an "ideas" , you know , low quality stuff , just to send it to him so he can have a better idea about what s going on and maybe work a bit of his part while he's on the tour bus or chilling in his hotel room. Well , at least , that's what i'd do if i were him
    I believe Corey already said he finished his songs already. He has always had the ability to write lyrics anytime he pleases.
    Most bands write lyrics and track vocals as the last step with the music on an album. Corey really doesn't need to be there until all the material has been pieced together. After that, he can just sit and unleash whatever is in his head. It's the same case with Maynard and Tool right now. The band goes to the studio to write and record the music, they send it to Maynard and then he goes in with the lyrics and vocal melodies.
    Corey is the lead singer of SS as well. I understand where your coming from, but Slipknot have at least 3 or 4 writers in the band (Corey, Joey, Shawn, Jim). If I left anyone out, please say =) It's easier to replace a guitarist than a lead singer for the majority of bands. Corey is exceptional and I can't think of anyone in the music industry who can replace him. I bet there'll be more fans who would be more upset if Corey didn't tour, compared to Jim. FYI I think Jim is a decent (not the best) guitarist, I am not trying to slag him off in any way in this post.
    Plus, I don't know if this is the case, but when you have multiple projects that you love, you're sometimes okay sitting back and letting someone else in the band drive one of those said projects. If that makes any sense.
    It's easy to fill in for a guitarist, but it's impossible to replace a voice like Corey's. I'm pretty sure no one would be too interested in a Stone Sour tour without Corey Taylor, but without Jim Root, I'm sure people could live. I wouldn't know though, I'm not a big Stone Sour fan.
    All the other members just seem to want to "talk" about making a new record, at least Jim is taking some real action
    Corey has the talent and ability to form his lyrics to whatever guitar riffs are written and presented to him. I give him a ton of credit for that. I find as a songwriter, that sometimes that can be very difficult to do. I personally find it easier to write both and come up with a melody simultaneously. Props to Corey. I'm really looking forward to this Slipknot album
    ok so i wont be going to vegas in february then! thanks for making my decision a no brainer! oh well i hate the house of blues anyways!
    Being a big slipknot fan I like to see that they're really focusing on their new album