Guns N' Roses Prepare New Album

Axl Rose has a stack of demos for the band to work on once they finish their residency in Las Vegas. But will we have to wait years to hear the result?

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Guns N' Roses are preparing to start recording their next album after their 12-night residency in Las Vegas.

Guitarist DJ Ashba told Rolling Stone how Axl Rose already has plenty of demos to kickstart their studio sessions:

"This is the first time we're all going to be in the same place for a month solid. That will be our main focus," he said.

"I think we're going to get a lot done. It's just a matter of sitting down and working together as a band, putting together what we feel is gonna be the best Guns record.

"Axl's put together such a talented group of musicians, and there are so many songs that are already worked out. We've got a good jump on it, for sure and I can't wait."

The band plan to make every night of their Las Vegas residency unique, which will run between October 31 and November 24.

"We're playing three shows a week and our main goal is to make every show unique," said Ashba. "We realise there are going to people flying from all over the world to maybe one, two, three shows. We so take into consideration there are local people that may show up to every single show. It's so spontaneous live we've never followed a set list.

Are you excited about hearing a new Gn'R album? Place your bets on how long the recording will take in the comments.

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    looking forward to the release in 2032 then
    Ian Paul Gint
    Axl Rose will be 70 years old by then
    I was thinking 15 years from now when i read this. 2027 seems more realistic.
    I came here for the comments.
    So, what you meant to say was that you came here because you forgot the same comments people make every single time something like this is mentioned, and you just came here to refresh your memory?
    Your crazy man, I saw them live and he hit every note..he was on fire. The band was tight and sounded amazing...go away hater.
    You can't honestly think this is acceptable. He is washed up and all he can do is ride the Guns and Roses train for as long as possible. If he removed the Guns and Roses title and started doing legit solo work no fan would put up with his crap. He was an amazing singer at one point and has always been a conceited arrogant prick.
    Everybody has bad nights, and Axl sometimes seems to have a higher ratio of bad to good than most singers. He's always had his fair share of bad nights, where he sounds awful, but that comes with his vocal style. When he's on it, though, his good nights are better than anybody else, too. How many original GN'R live clips have you watched to compare this to? Because I could find something just as bad from when Slash was in the band (complete with Slash so drunk he's unable to perform, more noticeably so than Axl). The examples you just gave were from the Rock in Rio at the end of last year, though. The weather was horrible, and Axl Rose was sick as hell with some kind of flu/fever. He sang as good as he was able to that night - which wasn't a good representation of how their shows sound, despite the pro-shot concert footage. I saw them a couple months after that, and the show was incredible . Axl sounded as good as ever, the band was tight as could be, and they played a set that was just shy of 4 hours. Even if it did sound awful, you don't get a 4 hour show from any other band out there. So, you get your money's worth, one way or another.
    Look at what you said in your first sentence. "Axl sometimes seems to have a higher ratio of bad to good than most singers." I know the clip I provided was a bit of a poor choice lol but when you preform more bad shows than good and you go around acting like you are better than every one else, throwing temper tantrums that have caused riots in the past, I can't see why any fan of his would still put up with his crap. It isn't comparable to Slash's video where he is drunk and missing every note. That is still unacceptable but Slash still has "it" while Axl is losing it day by day. I'm honestly surprised that he played a 4 hour perfect show for you guys.
    I didn't say he has more bad nights than good. I said his ratio of bad to good nights is probably higher than many other professional singers. That just means he has bad nights more often than some other guys, but he also has great nights more often than most others, too. I would compare the consistency of his live vocals to that of Chris Cornell - similar strain on the voice, too. But when does Axl ever say he's better than people? He barely says anything in the media, but I don't remember ever hearing him saying anything like that. I think it's funny that, when you don't voice your thoughts on everything in the media/social networking, people make up opinions for you and then accept them as fact. Sad, yet funny. He has thrown a few tantrums, but it's rock & roll. Who gives a shit? There's usually a somewhat understandable reason, and I respect and admire the fact that he takes shit from no one and says what he wants to say. Also, those riots - one was caused by unruly fans after James Hetfield was injured and couldn't perform. It maybe could have been handled better, but I think just as many fans were upset about missing Metallica as they were upset about the actions of GN'R (who apparently couldn't hear themselves through the monitors, due to all the confusion and lack of proper setup). Axl Rose said his throat hurt and left the stage. The rest of the band had played shows without him before, and they just as easily could have that night, to save whatever they could have tried to salvage from the crowd. Are the rest of the band not equally to blame? Are the concert-goers not responsible for their own actions? The other riot was after the band had already practically played a full set. I think it was during Rocket Queen (which was used at or near the end of the shows at that time) that Axl spotted a camera at the event, which was supposed to be prohibited from allowing fan photography. Axl requested that security remove it, which they did not. He then took it upon himself to remove the camera, and ended the show afterward. They still played practically the whole set, though. Again, are the concert-goers not responsible for their own actions? Are you saying that Marilyn Manson actually is to blame for the Columbine shootings? It is comparable to the videos of Slash not being able to perform. Slash still has off nights, too, but he's been a lot more polished in the last 2-3 years than in the 15+ before that. Axl still has "it" just the same as Slash, but the difference being that Slash doesn't have nights that his guitar just doesn't work. Axl has that with his voice, and he always has - since the very first show Guns N' Roses ever played. Fans 'put up with it' because he tends to treat them with respect when they do the same (e.g., when Ireland isn't throwing glass bottles at them), and they know that there's a good chance they'll get an incredible show, or at least everything Axl's got that night. He gives 100% every night, whether he's capable of performing that night or not.
    you've got to be freaking kidding me man. Axel is like a full grown baby. He doesn't treat fans with any respect whatsoever. How many times has he showed up hours late to a show that people paid good money for or cancelled it completely on a whim? The answer is countless! just not too long ago he didn't admit fans into a concert because they had slash tee's on for crying out loud! If that isn't egotistical immaturity on the grandest scale I don't know what is. He is completely self-absorbed and fancies himself to be really something special. I'm honestly surprised people would pay to go see him live these days with the way he treats fans.
    When has Axl ever publicly said he was better than any one? He doesn't need to. His actions towards others are louder than words. The way he treats his band mates (The reason Slash left in the first place was because of Axl's cocky attitude), the way he has treated people from different bands, the way he treats situations at concerts... I mean the man tried to remove Guns & Roses from the rock and roll hall of fame because he didn't want to be seen on stage with the original members. If that doesn't speak volumes I don't know what does. Axl does not know how to handle a situation at a concert. When you are a professional musician, security is there to handle issues in the crowd. I don't care how lousy security was that night, it was their job to take care of the guy with the camera. If they failed at doing their job, you reprimand them. Their bad job doesn't give you the right to swan dive into the crowd and start beating down on a fan. "are the concert-goers not responsible for their own actions? Are you saying that Marilyn Manson actually is to blame for the Columbine shootings?" I honestly have no clue what you are going on about here with Columbine. Do I think that Axl is responsible for the crowds reaction that night? No, he can't control how the crowd is going to react to his tantrums. That being said though... As I said above there is nothing that justifies beating the piss out of a fan and walking off stage. Unless the fan posed a physical threat to Axl, the band, or the other fans in attendance there is nothing that can justify Axl's unprofessional actions. And to answer your question, Marylin Manson obviously did not cause the Columbine shooting. You see... while every artist has their off days, you never see Slash or Duff McKagan acting like the world revolves around them. Maybe if Axl was a little more humble and chilled out like Slash I could respect the guy a bit more and feel bad for him when he has his bad nights. But since he is nothing more than a moody primadonna, I have no sympathy for him.
    You see, that's what it all boils down to: you have no respect for Axl Rose. That's fine, but whether your opinion is based on truths or misconceptions is another thing. Your seemingly prejudice opinions are largely representative of the casual so-called 'fans' and naysayers, and I can't blame any person for not respecting someone who shows no respect toward them. That's to say that I don't blame Axl Rose one bit for a lack of respect toward you or people like you, as well as not blaming you for your lack of respect that is seemingly based on possible misconceptions. What I meant by the Columbine statement was that people tried to blame that on Marilyn Manson for a while, since the kids were self-proclaimed fans of his, as well as his contemporaries. What I meant by that is that Axl is responsible for his actions, but he can't control how other people act. Sure, his actions may sometimes be a trigger for other people's actions, but who is to say the blame lies solely on his shoulders (or on him at all, for that matter)? The fans can't control themselves? You can blame Axl for his actions, but you can't blame the fans for their actions? Are whatever factors that caused Axl to react the way he did not then equally to blame - fans and crew knowing full and well his personality and his tendency to react with impulse? Where do you draw the line?
    Oh so it is ok that he beat the piss out of a fan because people should know how moody Axl is? That is probably the most piss poor argument I have ever heard. I guess every fan needs to sign a waver going into a show that says they might get the shit kicked out of them by Axl. Its ok though because people should know how moody he is.Honestly why are you trying to defend his immature crap? I have nothing against him as an artist. I am a big fan of Guns and Roses. My problem with him is his immature attitude and to see people like yourself actually trying to argue for his cockiness and violent attitude is pretty sad. Talented or not he is a terrible person. It isn't based on what other fans say and it has nothing to do with rumors. His actions speak louder than his words like I have said earlier. Just listen to what Slash is saying in that video I posted. He refuses to play him with him no matter what amount of money is offered.
    Yes, I will completely defend his right to act in whatever manner he chooses. He's a grown man, and he doesn't have to adjust his attitude to please you or anyone else. I'm sure he's willing to take responsibility for his actions, as should the fan he attacked - taking a camera into a show that didn't allow photography, as well as aiming that camera toward Axl Rose, of all people, practically begging him to do something about it. You might be a pacifist, but Axl Rose is not, and he wouldn't have written most of the lyrics that he has written without the attitude he has. He doesn't seem like a terrible person to me, though. Judging by his actions, as well as his words, I've got the impression that he's actually a kind, humble, highly intelligent person who speaks his mind and is likely bipolar. Also, what Slash said there is no way a good representation of his expressed feelings through the years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but just two years ago he said that he wrote a couple tracks for the Slash album with Axl in mind, but decided against asking him to sing on it -- not because he has a grudge against Axl, but because he was afraid that Axl hates him and doesn't want anything to do with him. So, in case you lost track there, Slash wanted to work with Axl, but he thought that Axl wouldn't want to work with him.
    Why use a rock in rio video as some kind of argument? Man i saw them live many times since 2010 and they kicked ass EVERY SINGLE SHOW. Rock In Rio was just a bad night, and to make matters worse, the show was broadcast to the whole world, so the people that doesn't follow, ended up with a bad and unreal impression Watch this video. This show happened AFTER the Rock In Rio's concert
    when i watch that i just think of how slash still goes crazy running around on stage while axl just mopes around.....
    Is it bad that I'm actually looking forward to this? I mean I know Axls has an ego and all, but some tracks on CD were quite epic. (Shacklers Revenge, Madagascar etc.) The original GnR are never getting back together so get over it.
    I personally really liked Chinese Democracy and seeing them a couple of years ago was a brilliant gig, plus I like Ashba, I think he's brilliant not only in GnR but in Sixx AM as well. So i'm looking forward to this album
    This Guns and Roses has expired... Only the old times with slash where good
    Slash or GTFO!!!! Seriously tho, I feel like the musicians he has worked with such as DJ Ashba, Bumblefoot, Buckethead, etc would be better off working on their own projects than screwing around with Axl. No disrespect to him though, I really like a lot of his work, but the whole "supergroup, but I'm in charge" thing just isn't going to work.
    It is very commonplace in bands throughout the ages for there to be only one or two people "in charge". Call it ego, singular creative vision, or whatever, but there's a reason for the phrase "too many chiefs and not enough indians". For example, Nine Inch Nails has always been pretty much Trent Reznor and hired hands, yet strangely, no one has ever demanded that he call it the Trent Reznor solo band.
    Saything that though, NiN has always been Reznor and hired hands, the help being a vehicle for his music. GnR on the other hand used to be a full "band" as it were, now it's just a washed up old man missing his glory days. I mean c'mon I'm pretty sure there have been occasions where his guitarist has been wearing a top hat. Calling his band "Guns and Roses" undermines when they were actually GnR and not just Axel Rose.
    Interesting viewpoint that disregards the "Guns" in GnR. I agree Axel is washed up and using the name GnR for his benefit yet they have been using it all along and Tracy Guns hasn't been in the band for a looooong time.
    That's because NIN has pretty much always Trent Reznor and hired hands. GnR was a proper band for a decade before devolving into what it is today.
    should also mention that Izzy wrote the great majority of the songs on Appetite, which will always be the defining album of their career.
    Vic Magnetic
    Yeah, Ok, I'm a big Izzy fan....but I don't agree with what you are saying here in this post.....Slash wrote the music to Sweet Child O' Mine (Biggest Hit Song For GN'R) Also Slash wrote most of what is Paradise City (Second Biggest Hit From Appetite) and the first single off of Appetite Slash wrote the music to that song too...Welcome To The Jungle Mutherfuk'er!! "Do You Know Where You Are?!"
    A gun is usally the term used when referring to someone who is just there to do the task assigned to them. I'm sure we have all heard of hired guns... Axl is the only Rose in the band, hence the name Guns n' Roses. It's surprising that Axl didn't sue Velvet Revolver for his finders fee. Haha.
    I don't understand why he still uses the guns n roses name. he should file his work under a solo artist name. he's famous enough to host big shows, but the whole gnr thing turns people off. I even think that a completely new band name would help him better even
    Saw them live and they were awesome and I actually liked Chinese Democracy. Even if you didn't like it, you have to admit it was better than both of VR's CDs combined.
    I personally love both of VR's CDs due to the fact I love the combination on of Duff, Slash and Matt. I can't describe why though, it just feels like a tighter rhythm.
    Who knows... Axl & co. might surprise everyone with an album within the next 2 years or less. It might even be good. *optimism* If Axl can get over his perfectionistic, I-want-to-incorporate-everything studio behavior...
    I have a good feeling that the release of this album will be just obliterated by the next Metallica record... Just saying.