Gwar Frontman Bashes New Megadeth Single: 'Boy, That's F--king Horrible'

"The song isn't that awful until Dave opens his mouth," says Oderus Urungus.

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GWAR mainman Oderus Urungus recently gave new Megadeth single "Super Collider" a listen, and he wasn't pleased. In his signature raging style, the frontman thrashed the song calling it "f--king horrible," just to add a follow-up tweet regarding the previously previewed track "Don't Turn Your Back." And once again, he wasn't pleased.

"Boy. I just listened to the title track of 'Supercollider.' Boy, that's f--ing horrible," Oderus said, just to top it with another comment, saying, "The other song isn't that awful... until he opens his mouth... which is always the problem with Dave."

While in the mood for ranting about fellow metal musicians, Urungus decided to turn towards Rob Zombie and his wife Sheri Moon Zombie, even going far enough to suggest a collaboration afterwards.

"And while I am bitching, is anybody else completely sick of Rob Zombie's wife?"

"How many people think Rob Zombie should be in the new GWAR show? He could try to get his wife in it too!"

Finally, Oderus decided to conclude his daily dose of ranting with the following words: "Today's sh-t - slinging session courtesy of Oderus Urungus, the nastiest monster in show business."

Meanwhile, new Megadeth single was officially streamed via band's YouTube channel after leaking online a few days ago. As the new album title track, "Super Collider" was indeed met with mixed reactions from the fans, with some praising it and others utterly disliking the new sound.

As for the full album, the record is scheduled to drop on June 4 via Mustaine's own Universal-powered label Tradecraft. The title track single was digitally released on April 23 and is available for purchase over at iTunes.

Boy. I just listened to the title track of "Supercollider". Boy, thats fucking horrible.

Oderus Urungus (@TheRealOderus) April 24, 2013

The other song isn't that awful...until he opens his mouth...which is always the problem with Dave.

Oderus Urungus (@TheRealOderus) April 24, 2013

And while I am bitching, is any body else completely sick of Rob Zombie's wife?

Oderus Urungus (@TheRealOderus) April 24, 2013

How many people think Zob Rombie should be in the new GWAR show? He could try to get his wife in it too!

Oderus Urungus (@TheRealOderus) April 24, 2013

Today's shit-slinging session courtesy of Oderus Urungus, the nastiest monster in show business.

Oderus Urungus (@TheRealOderus) April 24, 2013

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    I'm impressed he can make tweets with hands like that.
    "The other song isn't that awful...until he opens his mouth...which is always the problem with Dave."
    Were I in a band, I wouldn't feel I had "made it" until GWAR lampooned me. 'Cause seriously, GWAR!
    "Super Collider" sounds like it would be one of the generic songs that you can choose from for the background music on your "MY FIRST SKYDIVE" video tape. Or from some dorky company strategy powerpoint presentation.
    I'm with him on all account, unfortunately. I was hoping Mustaine would bring something interesting to the table. Zombie: your movies typically suck as-is, but your wife brings the acting level to a new low.
    Side note: Megadeth is now a pop band? Sure sounds like it.
    I know the song is not good but only stupid metal hipsters believe if something sounds like hard rock is automatically pop.
    I personally think the need for more and more heaviness and brutality has gotten to the point of ridiculousness, all those imposing dissonant evil sounds freaked people the hell out when they where first tried in the 70s but now we've all been desensitized since then and the response for the most part is let's just what we where doing except more so, Metal is in the same state now Rock was in in the late 70s. Someone is going to have to do something completely different to revitalize the genre and I hope it will freak out metal heads as much as it freaks out the general public.
    I think that as long as the songwriting is strong, it doesn't matter at all how heavy a band is or not. I definitely think there are plenty of great metal bands going right now--some ridiculously heavy and some relatively not heavy at all. Sure the metal bands topping the charts are almost always stale and uninteresting, but I don't feel that the genre is in great need of revitalization. Whether some dramatic sweeping change comes or not, there are plenty of bands out there doing different, interesting things.
    Metalheads are consistently as close mind as they were in the early times as today. Then again, taste is subjective. Shit remains shit though.
    It sounds like Bon Jovi decided to do another 80s track after chainsmoking 500 packs of cigarettes overcoated with extra tar. I don't know if I like it yet.
    You should try playing the same genre of music for 30 years and not get bored. I understand why they changed up their sound. I can't go a month without some variation. With that said, for a hard rock song, it's nothing special.
    DONE. Look up this little band named "Exodus". AKA the best Thrash band from the 80's, and BY FAR the best 80's Thrash band to release albums in the 2000's. A great Thrash band that actually got BETTER, while still being Thrash.
    On a side-note, why does UG censor the quotes in the article yet post the original tweets below it?
    I never understood how anyone could like Mustaine's voice. Personally, I think he should "Put a plug in it"
    You censor '****ing' and 'shit' in the article, and then post the uncensored tweets right below? smh
    I just tore his ass up on twitter. I'm sick of hearing him talk crap. His band is worthless. He actually argued back at me. Funny stuff.
    Okay, am I the only one who noticed that the vocal rhythm and melody (and even some of the words) in the verses is totally stolen from "In The Light" by Zeppelin?
    I'm not a massive Megadeth fan which is why I think the song is alright. I can see why it would piss die hard fans off though
    it's not a bad song, it's just super forgettable. strum-and-hold, a solo that pretty much goes nowhere and this phaser effect over dave's voice...if this is the way the whole album sounds like, I lost a lot of interest in it...
    Josh Reubenking
    For once I agree with this guy. Although I think GWAR sucks, in my opinion. "Super Collider" is one of the worst songs I've heard by Megadeth. I haven't heard anything that bad from them since 'Risk'. And that's saying something. Dave Mustaine created so much hype for THAT?!?!?! The rest of the album better be ****ing GREAT then!
    Holy hell, how many pages does dave mustaine need to take out of bon jovi's book before he's taken it all?
    Dear Chris Broderick: Better get out while the getting is good. Signed, Respectability
    This is the first time I've listened to it, it's a good song and would be a massive hit IF it wasn't a MEGADETH song. I mean... wtf Megadeth? C'mon!
    I don't think this would be a hit for a pop artist. This songs fails most due to poor songwriting to my ear.