H2O To Record In January

H2O will be in the studio in January to work on their first album in 7 years.

Ultimate Guitar

Though the band had originally planned studio time for October/November, it looks like H2O will be in the studio in January:

"We will be recording in California in January [for] our first new cd since 2001. We have a 23 new songs (not all for album) and I think the old and new h2omeys will appreciate and like 'em! We are gonna be doing daily blogs and video exclusivley on out trig.com page."

The trig.com page the band mentions is here.

Credits for the report to Punknews.org.

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    i have been waiting YEARS for this album, FTTW is one of my all time favourite cd's!!!!
    the glue man
    That's a dumb band name. But I've never heard them, I thnk I saw them on Miami Ink though
    As if you "who?"guys have never heard the song 'guilty by association' by H2O! Seriously though give it a listen it pwns!
    LOL!!@who's. I remember when this band used to be really popular... at my school... when I was in school... Brings back memories.
    RPotts wrote: Who?
    Moontard wrote: ..who?
    horazonblade wrote: Who?
    so many oblivious people. This should be good.
    lol at all the kids who don't know old school punk. I'm somewhat but not really surprised at why nobody knows who they are, I like them and I heard them off of Street Sk8er and loved the band and bought the Thicker Than Water album. I thought they disbanded but good to hear they are back in the studio.
    Check them out before asking "who". I don't recognize a bunch of bands in the Reviews headlines but that doesn't mean their unknown. Good ol' fashioned skatepunk, in my opinion. In their own style of course.
    Like I said before, never heard of the abnd but i took your advice and checked them out....in my eyes nothing new, nothing special
    I think it's cool that UG frontpages storys on unknown bands! Shame no-one ever things of checking them out and mearly goes "Who?"