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artist: HammerFall date: 03/15/2011 category: new releases
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On May, 20, Swedish melodic metallers Hammerfall will release their new album, "Infected", via Nuclear Blast Records. Laying down the foundation themselves in their own studio in Sweden, the band then traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to finish it up with acclaimed producer James Michael (Mtley Cre, Scorpions, Meat Loaf). He also mixed the album, giving it a decisive updated edge without losing any of the essence of the band's sound. "James helped us create something that was new and exciting while still in the line of our heritage", Oscar Dronjak, guitar player and founder of the band, explains. "Never before have we sounded this fresh and up to date without losing the essence of what Hammerfall is all about: pure 'infected' heavy metal!" comments vocalist and frontman Joacim Cans. "You will experience us like you've never done before! We've got a lot of fresh influences shining through in the music, but everything you love about Hammerfall will still be there," says Oscar. "This is Hammerfall in 2011, the legend has been reborn!" On March 12, the album was introduced for the first time to an international group of press people in Gothenburg, Sweden,, where the album received a great response. Metal Hammer Spain calls it "the Hammerfall of the future," while British Powerplay magazine comments: "'Infected' will have the name Hammerfall spreading like a virus. Prepare for an epidemic!" The album consists eleven songs, and the limited first edition will also include a bonus DVD with unreleased video material of five of the "Infected" tracks. "Infected" track listing: 01. Patient Zero 02. Bang Your Head 03. One More Time 04. The Outlaw 05. Send Me A Sign 06. Dia De Los Muertos 07. I Refuse 08. 666 - The Enemy Within 09. Immortalized 10. Let's Get It On 11. Redemption Read the entire article at Blabbermouth.net.
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