Hawthorne Heights To Record For Live CD/DVD

artist: Hawthorne Heights date: 09/29/2006 category: new releases

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Hawthorne Heights To Record For Live CD/DVD
Pop-punk band Hawthorne Heights has announced their intentions to record a live CD/DVD, Eron Bucciarelli (drummer) posted on the band's blog on myspace.com. The concert in which the band will record isn't known, but it will be on the Nintendo Fushion Tour. Relient K, Emery, Plain White T's and the Sleeping are the other bands which are a part of that tour. In other news, the band has filed a law suit against their record label, Victory Records, and more specifically directed at Tony Brummel (Victory Records owner) for unpaid royalties for album sales. Credits for the info to Sputnikmusic.
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