'Head' on Rejoining Korn: 'I Was Miserable in Everything, Now It's Time to Rock Again'

Guitarist reveals being "on cloud nine" ever since he started jamming with the band again.

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Ever since rejoining Korn, guitarist Brian "Head" Welch has been "on cloud nine," and he's not afraid to admit it.

The band's guitar duo was recently interviewed by former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach at this year's Revolver Golden Gods Awards ceremony. After discussing his book with the singer, Welch talked about the reunion with the group he co-founded back in the early '90s.

"Dude, it's in me," the guitarist kicked off. "I have to be on the road, I love it now. I was miserable in everything in life, I was miserable at being a dad, I was miserable on the road, but now I'm happy. Rehearsing with these guys this week - I'm like on cloud nine. It's time to rock again."

"We're having so much fun," James "Munky" Shaffer adds. "It's great to have him back, I can't even explain it."

Jonathan Davis also shared some positive vibes regarding the guitarist's return, naming the upcoming release "by far the best album" the band ever did.

The group recently entered the studio with Welch for the first time in a decade and started working on some fresh material, posting a 90-second clip featuring one of the new tunes along the way.

"We knew we would have a blast playing together, because we love each other so much, but we really wanted to make sure the music felt right before we committed to making a whole album together," Welch told the Rolling Stone magazine. "But since we got in the studio, everything just started pouring out, now I can't wait until our fans hear this stuff!"

The yet-untitled follow-up to 2011's "Path of Totality" is expected to drop sometime during late summer. The five-piece has also kicked off a world tour on May 15 in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. The concert trek is bound to keep them busy well into mid-July up to the final performance in Cadott, Wisconsin on July 19.

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    Darth Wader
    Head is still a Christian. He is talking about before when he was in Korn he was miserable on the road and bad at being a father to his daughter (as well as a bad husband) b/c of the drugs and living an empty life. Now that his life is changed, he is able to re-join Korn with a different outlook on life b/c he is a different person than before. The members of Korn have always been his friends so he is happy to hang out with them, write music with them, etc. Now he can do that without the fear of returning to his old destructive ways.
    Agree. By joining Korn again, I believe Head will be able to lead even more people to God... or atleast change their old destructive habits into something more positive.
    Fieldy is also a Christian.
    I am happy to see people on this forum who are supportive of people of faith. Some wonder why he is coming back when he said he had to leave. Head is more mature and stable in his faith. What might have been a dangerous place to be early in sobriety can now serve as a chance to help others. I speak with some authority on the topic being an RN, a musician, and a former cocaine and heroin junkie. I was as low as they get.
    "I was miserable at being a father." What the hell does that mean?
    I thought he was "miserable" with that life before, which is why he left and "found god" and did his own thing? Now he was miserable in that and is back? Maybe it's his bank account that was miserable....
    He was on drugs and said he was miserable. He had to leave Korn to escape that lifesyle. Now, every member of Korn is sober from drugs and alcohol and 2 other members of the band are christian.
    I think that's what he was saying - that he was miserable at it last time he was in Korn. Of course, there's no link to the interview in the article....
    I guess he finally realized he wasn't Jesus after all. I still don't get all that mess that he was talking back then. I'm glad he's back though, as I always thought they were a better band with him.
    Never thought I'd see the day. They are ripping it up live as they did 20 years ago, great to see them on stage together ****ing shit up. Korn is now again Korn, even better with Ray.Can't wait for the new album...and this tour. Welcome back Head!
    So glad he's back. Im a die hard korn fan.And although I loved there albums after he left the band,there was still something missing...The missing piece is back in the puzzle. \m/
    The sample they put out didn't sound half bad. bit lifeless, but still a massive step forwards from Totality.
    Fuck Religion.
    Well, without his faith, Head would likely be a radically different person now, and not for the better - assuming he'd even still be alive, of course. Judge all you like, but his beliefs saved his life.
    we all have to find insight...it just happens as we age...im 28 and have rebelled all of my life but I can feel something coming on or just wanting to know and thinking there something more out there...I read both heads books (only 2 ive honestly read...lol) and loved them. im far from a believer but im getting curious.
    this has to be so awesome and weird at the same time to HEAD going back to the korn sets, seeing the crowds, and good friends back stage. if he stays awhile touring and making music again with Korn, I hope he writes another book on how accepted (or not) believing is among non-believers or stuck people. you cant change anyone just have to show by example, hope his faith stays strong and rubs off to a few. ill b happy, knowing I can see the OG korn live (except David)