'Head' Talks Korn Reunion: 'It's So Good, It's So Meant to Be'

Guitarist Brian "Head" Welch discusses rejoining Korn, saying he is "stoked to be a part of a reconciliation story."

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Ever since Brian "Head" Welch returned to Korn, there's been nothing but enthusiasm and positive vibes coming from the nu metal five-piece. The guitarist now addressed his comeback once again, saying that "the timing could not be more perfect."

During a recent chat with The Aquarian, Head revealed that it's not only the band that's ecstatic, saying, "It's so good. It's so meant to be. The timing could not be more perfect. When the timing is perfect, everything just feels smooth. That's exactly how it feels for everybody involved, from managers, producers, the band, of course, to the crew, everybody, it's just so cool. It's exciting. I look forward to it."

Axeman also referred to the new album progress, adding, "It keeps getting better because we're chomping along with the album. Jonathan [Davis]'s working on vocals right now. It's a new, fresh sound, but also sounds familiar. It's Korn and, I think, it's just another level. It's really exciting."

The discussion kept going in the same direction, with Welch calling the new record "a little different, but maybe along the 'Issues' side." What most fans liked hearing is that the upcoming release will feature what the guitarist described as some of the best choruses singer Jonathan Davis ever delivered.

"I really do think it sounds a little different, but maybe along the Issues side," Head said. "The record has got the best choruses I've heard Jonathan do. The lyrics! He's putting words together in a way that I've never seen him do before. Its really cool for me to hear how he has [evolved vocally]. It's really heavy in parts, and really exciting.

"He's still tracking vocals right now. He's got a couple more songs and bridges to do. So I haven't heard everything. From what I have heard, it's slammin'. It's guitar-driven but it sounds new and fresh, too. So it sounds like 2013, but familiar with the past, too."

Finally, the guitarist once again addressed his return, naming reconciliation as the "word of the year."

"It's all restored and reconciled. It's a big part, because everybody gets broken - families get broken. Almost everybody's, except I think my parents - who are still together after 43 years. But it's rare. It's totally rare. So I love when people reconcile stuff. I'm stoked to be a part of a reconciliation story."

The yet-untitled follow-up to 2011's "Path of Totality" is tentatively due sometime during late summer. The group also kicked off a world tour this month with the string of live dates bound to keep them busy well up to mid-July.

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    The dubstep thing was just a one-time experiment, though. People act like this was going to be their style from now on or something :/
    Don't you know bands are not allowed to experiment, and every album has to be exactly the same! ha ha
    That sounds awesome, and I can't wait to hear the new album I'm personally glad they turned away from dubstep again, that genre doesn't really speak to me. I'm really excited for their new stuff
    I have a feel that in 2014 the tour is gonna be epic it will be 20 years from the release of there first studio album.
    I loved Korns earlier stuff as a kid. So im gonna check it out with an open mind.
    i can't wait. this is gonna be really exciting to hear the new music
    They put on an insane performance last week when I saw them (if you never saw them live before, GO! You wont be disappointed!)...and seeing Head there onstage again with them just made me feel so happy for all of them! It was one of their best shows I've ever seen, and I cannot wait for the new album!
    It's going to be guitar driven... "That'll do pig..." *Nods with satisfaction at his younger excited self* "...That'll do."
    I really admire this guy. Most musicians who convert to Christianity and start making Christian solo stuff just kinda become estranged from their old band and their fans. I admire him for coming back full circle with his band again. Can't wait to hear it!
    Many people clearly haven't seen them live, especially with Head back. I saw them at ROTR and that was the fullest that the stadium was that WHOLE weekend. Can't wait for the new album to drop, it will be amazing
    hope they stay together long enough for me to see them live, this time around.
    the chemistry is so unbelievable, they are all really happy again
    Just saw them headline at Rocklahoma and seeing them agian with Head was awesome. Head even wrote parts on some of the newer songs Korn wrote with Skrillex and it sounded much more reminiscent of old Korn. To say the least I was very impressed and will be buying the new record. I haven't purchased any Korn records since I was let down by See You On the Other Side.
    Sounds good. The time Head was away made him a better guy for sure, learned a lot of stuff. Looking forward to it.
    yea, but did their earlier albums sound they way they did because they were so upbeat and positive about life?
    I was a huge Korn fan back in the day. By now I've been so disappointed with their music and their little fights that I've moved on and just can't really listen to their music the way I used to, I strongly doubt this will have the same effect or even the same feel as the good ol' stuff, or that I could even get into it.
    Well put. I'm right here with you. That and I can't listen to a guy singing for a powerhouse metal band about how life pushes him around and he can't help himself cause daddy didn't love him.
    The amazing thing about Head is, when he left the time was "perfect" for him to get his shit straightened out. And now that he's back, the time is "perfect" to get on with Korn.
    Why are there so many poorly written/proofed articles at the moment? e.g. "Axeman also referred to the new album progress" His name is not Axeman, UG!
    No, it's not, but guitars are called "axes"... someone who wields an "axe" can be called an "axeman"... and if that word happens to come at the beginning of a sentence it becomes "Axeman"... I don't think anyone reading the article would think they are implying his name is Axeman...
    I paused and re-read that sentence again too. A simple "The" before "axeman" would have eliminated all confusion. I dont think anyone will think his NAME is "Axeman", but it does sound weird the way its written.
    Thank you, I'm not complaining about use of the word Axeman, just the way the sentences have been structured. They keep missing out "the" before nouns. It's happening on pretty much every UG article at the moment. Should have made that clearer I guess...
    I agree, Matt. It's not just this article, or just this section. This entire site is plagued with spelling and grammatical errors to the point of embarrassment. I would hope that spelling would be correct with the use of Spell Check. Of course it doesn't help with word usage. I understand that many people aren't very concerned with our use of English these days, but even supermarket tabloids, teen magazines, and Playboy use proper grammar. Why should our standards be lower? BTW, I am glad Head is back. I was supportive of him then. I think he did what he needed to do. I am supportive of him now. I am glad there are still a few good bands putting out new music!
    I think they do a pretty good job considering most the people at UG are not Americans.....
    Really? I just assumed that was the reason the English is so terrible on this site
    As a self-professed grammar and spelling nazi, even I say you all are taking this too far. Seriously, ignore it...
    The man is a gigantic hypocrite even by christian standards. and korn get less credible as the years go by. they just rip off whatever is popular (hip hop, dubstep)and some idiots fall for it. how long will they be able to keep up the facade?
    I have never heard anything so stupid, the hip-hop influence has been there since their first album and very few dubstep artists go gold. How does expiramentation make you less credible?
    I've never really been crazy about Korn, I found a couple of their songs pretty catchy when I was a teenager... but that teaser clip of the new music they're writing was very intriguing. Exciting to hear how they have progressed since some of their more successful releases!
    I got the privilege of going into the studio with the guy who's been recording their stuff, he wouldn't let me listen to the vocals, but the music is sooo kick ass! It's like Their first album, meets untouchables, with a little heavier twist.