'Head' Talks Korn Reunion: 'It's So Good, It's So Meant to Be'

artist: Korn date: 05/28/2013 category: new releases
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'Head' Talks Korn Reunion: 'It's So Good, It's So Meant to Be'
Ever since Brian "Head" Welch returned to Korn, there's been nothing but enthusiasm and positive vibes coming from the nu metal five-piece. The guitarist now addressed his comeback once again, saying that "the timing could not be more perfect." During a recent chat with The Aquarian, Head revealed that it's not only the band that's ecstatic, saying, "It's so good. It's so meant to be. The timing could not be more perfect. When the timing is perfect, everything just feels smooth. That's exactly how it feels for everybody involved, from managers, producers, the band, of course, to the crew, everybody, it's just so cool. It's exciting. I look forward to it." Axeman also referred to the new album progress, adding, "It keeps getting better because we're chomping along with the album. Jonathan [Davis]'s working on vocals right now. It's a new, fresh sound, but also sounds familiar. It's Korn and, I think, it's just another level. It's really exciting." The discussion kept going in the same direction, with Welch calling the new record "a little different, but maybe along the 'Issues' side." What most fans liked hearing is that the upcoming release will feature what the guitarist described as some of the best choruses singer Jonathan Davis ever delivered. "I really do think it sounds a little different, but maybe along the Issues side," Head said. "The record has got the best choruses I've heard Jonathan do. The lyrics! He's putting words together in a way that I've never seen him do before. Its really cool for me to hear how he has [evolved vocally]. It's really heavy in parts, and really exciting. "He's still tracking vocals right now. He's got a couple more songs and bridges to do. So I haven't heard everything. From what I have heard, it's slammin'. It's guitar-driven but it sounds new and fresh, too. So it sounds like 2013, but familiar with the past, too." Finally, the guitarist once again addressed his return, naming reconciliation as the "word of the year." "It's all restored and reconciled. It's a big part, because everybody gets broken - families get broken. Almost everybody's, except I think my parents - who are still together after 43 years. But it's rare. It's totally rare. So I love when people reconcile stuff. I'm stoked to be a part of a reconciliation story." The yet-untitled follow-up to 2011's "Path of Totality" is tentatively due sometime during late summer. The group also kicked off a world tour this month with the string of live dates bound to keep them busy well up to mid-July.
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