Hellyeah's Vinnie Paul: 'I'm Back To My Trademark Drum Sound'

artist: Hellyeah date: 11/24/2011 category: new releases
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Hellyeah's Vinnie Paul: 'I'm Back To My Trademark Drum Sound'
Hellyeah, the southern-fried metal band featuring drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott (ex-Pantera, Damageplan), singer Chad Gray and guitarist Greg Tribbett (Mudvayne), guitarist Tom Maxwell (Nothingface) and bassist Bob "Zilla" Kakaha (ex-Damageplan), are currently recording their third album at Vinnie Paul's Alrington, Texas home studio. Vinnie Paul has issued the following Twitter update: "Havin' a blast workin' with Jeremy Parker! These mixes are crushing and I'm back to my trademark drum sound!! Heavy slammin' grooves!" Vinnie Paul was interviewed by Artisan News Service at the third annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards in Los Angeles, CA. During their chat, Vinnie spoke about Hellyeah's forthcoming album. "We've got some great ideas. We've decided that we wanna heavy it up a little bit on this next record - push it a little further." View the clip below for more:
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